Simple Steps to Sell Your Used Laptop for Instant Cash

Do you want to sell your old laptop? Did you know trading your old laptop is as easy as putting butter on the bread? Learn how to Sell Your Used Laptop online in a few simple steps in this blog.

Technology is Accelerating Faster

The world is achieving new milestones in technology every day and is accelerating at a pace that is introducing the masses to new and advanced features in computing devices. From computers that used to occupy large spaces to portable laptops, we have come too far, but the hunger for achieving better still persists.

Laptops have become the biggest helper for everyone – students or professionals, and are required in almost every field. If your old laptop is not supporting the latest versions of software, does not offer the speed you need, or is broken, all these reasons lead to one piece of advice – “sell your used laptop.”

Sell Your Old Laptop

You might be trying hard to convince your friend to buy your old laptop, but the chances of them buying from you are low. Right?

If you want to sell your used laptop, choose to sell it online by following a few easy steps mentioned below.

  1. Prepare your Used Laptop to sell

Selling your old laptop online requires you to do some preparations to avoid any trouble at a later time.

It includes creating a backup of all your important files. You can use cloud storage services to create a backup or can also use a hard disk.

More things included in the preparation are –

● Collect the basic details of your laptop(model no., brand name, etc.)
● Assess the condition of your old laptop
● Clean it properly
● Erase the data after creating the backup

  1. Choose a Platform to Sell

Choose from the many online platforms where you can sell your old laptop. Explore the features of all such platforms and choose the one that supports your maximum interests.

Compare features like –

● Instant Cash
● Locations Served
● Free Shipping
● And more.

  1. Create a Listing

Write a detailed description of your old laptop that defines the present condition of your laptop and mentions all its specifications.

Add clear photos of your laptop captured from different angles to the listing to find potential buyers.

The next step is the easiest.

  1. Sell it

Sell your used laptop to the highest-paying buyer you find on the online platforms and ship it to their delivery address by following the process defined by the platform.


While selling your used laptop to the local market near you is the fastest way to get cash for laptops, it might not be the most profitable thing for you.

Selling used laptops online is easier than ever before, with multiple features provided by different online marketplaces. It saves you from the hassle of finding the right buyer and gets you the best price.

Want to learn how to create a backup of your laptop data? Click here.

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Prepare to Sell your Used Laptop Online – Complete Guide

Selling Used Laptop

A new upgrade in the recently launched laptop can be enough for some to consider selling your old laptop and buying the new one. But for most of us, replacing the old laptop with a new one requires solid reasons, and why not? These computing machines come with expensive price tags. However, you must know the perfect way to sell your used laptop irrespective of the reasons.

This blog contains the best tips that can help you sell your old laptop for maximum cash. Read the complete blog to learn how.

Prepare your Used Laptop for Sale

Your decision to sell an old laptop requires you to perform various tasks that are collectively combined under the tag of Preparations.

What is included in the Preparation?

  • Collect the basic details of your laptop – find the brand name and model of your old laptop along with the serial number.
  • Then assess the condition of your laptop – check the condition of the hardware and analyze its specifications to get an idea about its resale value.
  • Create a Backup – your old laptop might have huge volumes of data that you don’t ever want to lose. Hence, create a backup of all the files either on an external drive or use cloud-based data storage services like – Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud.
  • Erase the data – Once you have created the backup, format your laptop to erase all the files.

Assess the Condition of your Laptop

No matter if you choose to trade your laptop on buy-back sites or sell it online on any of the e-marketplaces, it will be assessed on various parameters before you get any value for it.

Hence, it is better to describe the true condition of your old laptop to the trader or the customer to avoid any unwanted situations at a later stage.

The assessment focuses on the following areas –

  • If the laptop gets powered on and boots up
  • Missing components
  • chassis dents, chips, scratches,  cracks, or any other cosmetic blemishes.
  • Display – spots, bad pixels, lines, or imperfections
  • Battery Health
  • If it has a charger
  • Unfunctional or missing keyboard keys

Now, when you have done all the preparations to sell your used laptop, it’s time to perform the final step.

List your Laptop Online

An intermediary step to mention here is to choose the online platform where you want to sell the laptop.

After deciding on the platform, create a listing of your old laptop that includes all the details. Write a clear description of the device, defining the condition of your old laptop with all the specifications.

Clean your old laptop thoroughly and capture high-quality images of it to add to the listing. Submit the listing at a proper price and sell your used laptop easily.


Selling a used laptop is a hassle-free process and involves minimum efforts of the seller. Choose to sell online and get cash for your old laptop.

To learn about how to Sell Used Laptop for the maximum cash, click here.

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Learn How to Sell Used Laptops and Get Maximum Cash for it

A poor-performing laptop is nothing but a device of stress and is bound to reduce your productivity to extreme levels. If your old laptop has outdated specs and is unable to perform efficiently according to your requirements, it’s time to bid goodbye to it; that means to Sell Your Used Laptop and buy a new one to keep up the pace of your work.

“I want to sell my laptop, but how?”

If this is what you have in your mind, continue reading the blog and learn how to sell used laptops and get maximum cash for it.

Steps To Sell Your Used Laptop

  • Decide where to sell

The discussion about whether to sell your used laptop, online or offline, is old. It has now become the default choice of people to sell their old laptops online. It is because of the various perks that come with it, like –

  • Verified buyers
  • Get the best price
  • Receive bids for your old laptop
  • Free Shipping
  • And more.

These features are enough to support the decision to sell used laptops online. Now the task is to choose the best platform that suits you best.

Before you choose any platform, you must look into its features. Many platforms sell only a certain type of laptop, like MacBooks, while some provide free shipping service. Here are a few more features to mention –

  • Get bids and sell features,
  • Locations Served by the platform,
  • Time to complete the deal, etc.

Consider all the factors and decide which platform would bring you the best deal.

  • Create a listing

Once you finalize the platform, start creating a listing on it by entering valid details about your old laptop.

A good listing is necessary for attracting potential clients who will pay the best price for your old laptop.

Make a good listing by following the below-mentioned things –

  • Click Photos

Capture photos of your used laptop from every angle after cleaning it well and turning it into the newest possible condition.

  • Enter the Specs

Carefully enter the specifications of your old laptop, model number, RAM, and other technical details.

  • Write a Description

Add a detailed description of your used laptop that defines the current condition of your laptop so that the buyers can get to know everything about your device and send you offers.

  • Set a Price

Do some research about the current selling price of used laptops similar in condition as yours, and set a price within a suitable range.

Publish Your Listing

After preparing the listing, publish it on the online marketplace and wait to get the best offers from the potential buyers.

Lock the best deal that you get and proceed with closing it by doing the required formalities.


Hitting the same unfunctional key on your laptop again and again, isn’t going to make it work. Sell your used laptop and a little extra to your funds for buying the new one.

To discover different ways to sell your used laptop, click here.

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Where to Sell Used Laptop? – Online Vs. Offline

While selling an old laptop, everyone wants to get the best price for it. But a few other attributes also define the best way to sell a laptop, such as the ease of finding the best buyers, location, reliability, etc. Want to sell your old laptop but not sure where to sell it, online or offline? Read the blog to find the differences between selling used laptops online or offline.

But prior to that, you must assess if you really want to sell your old laptop or not.

Reasons to Sell Used Laptop –

The biggest reason to buy a new laptop is always a wish to stay ahead in your field with upgraded tech. Other reasons could be –

  • Slow performance

If your old laptop isn’t performing efficiently and not supporting the new software, it’s a clear sign to sell it and buy a new one to maintain your productivity.

  • Broken Keyboard or Hardware

A damaged screen, broken keyboard, or any other unfunctional hardware of your laptop also counts as a good reason to sell your used laptop.

  • Older Specifications

New software requires advanced operating systems to function and can’t be run on laptops with older specifications. If you are unable to use the latest software on your laptop, choose to sell it and invest in a new one.

Now you can easily identify if there is a need to sell your used laptop. If it’s a yes, you have two options – Sell it online or Offline.

Online Vs. Offline

Out of the two options, it’s clear that the one that would help you get the best price for your old laptop in the most convenient way is the better option.

Selling Laptops Online

When you choose to sell old laptops online, you get to avoid the hassle of going to different dealers in the local market to find the best value. More benefits of selling used laptops online are –

  • Valid Buyers – you can pitch to sell your used laptop to thousands of valid buyers on various e-marketplaces.
  • Get Bids – many online marketplaces allow you to put your used laptop at auction, thereby allowing you to sell your used laptop for the best price.
  • It’s Easier – you can sell your used laptop from the comfort of your couch by accessing the advanced features of online marketplaces.

Selling Used Laptops Offline

If you choose to sell your used laptop offline, the only option is to go to a local trader or to a pawn shop and trade it for the price suitable for the dealer and not you. You need to travel several lanes just to find a trader who might project the lowest price of your old laptop.

Selling old laptops offline is a tiring process and is not that fruitful either. Local traders keep the maximum share of the profit, and you get only a minor percentage of it.


It’s not hard to interpret that selling used laptops online is the best decision to make. Many online platforms also provide free shipping and get instant cash options that turn it into a more exciting decision.

Sell Your Used Laptop online and add some more funds to your budget for the new one. To discover the different ways of selling used laptops, click here.

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Sell Your Used Laptop and Enjoy the Maximum Benefits

Computer Technologies have advanced to the next level, and laptops are taking over the space of desktops in many fields. From students to professionals, no one can deny the need for laptops. The latest editions of laptops defy the prejudice that laptops are only useful for running small software. So if you want to upgrade your laptop, sell the old laptop before buying the new one.

Is Selling My Old Laptop The Right Decision?

If you are not clear about whether you should sell your old laptop or not, it means that you are not aware of its benefit.

There could be only a few things to do with your laptop –

  1. Keep it in the drawer – no usage
  2. Give it to your younger sibling – partial usage
  3. Sell old laptop – maximum usage

The first option is absolutely what you don’t want. The second option comes with partial usage as the old laptop is bound to be missing the latest features that turn it into a slow-performing device.

Talking about the third option, when you sell your used laptop online, you get to exercise its maximum usage. It is because of the following reasons –

  • Gets you Cash

It’s always better to cash your old laptop rather than leave it idle to accumulate dust. You can definitely add the Cash to your budget for buying the new laptop.

  • Helps the Needy

Buying a new laptop can be a costlier deal for many. Used laptops, on the other hand, come in the affordable range and help less fortunate people get their foot in the technological world.

  • Declutter

When you sell your used laptop, it helps in decluttering your space by removing the tech junk.

Sell Used Laptop Online – The Best Decision

The current world is testing the limits of digitalization, and a lot of ideas have been turned into reality. One such idea was to build a space online where people can buy and sell online, and eCommerce has emerged as a massive industry. So if you want to Sell Your Used Laptop, sell it online.

“Why should I sell my used laptop online?” if this is your question, read the following benefits of selling a used laptop online –

  • Find verified buyers
  • Gets you the best price
  • Free shipping is provided by many online marketplaces
  • Hassle-free


Technology advancements have made it possible for people to sell things online easily and in a secure manner. As laptops have taken an integral position in our lives, it is necessary to stay upgraded with the latest iteration to not compromise productivity and efficiency.

The latest laptops coming into the market challenge the functionality of desktops and are able to stand right next to them by providing the users the advantage of portability. With boosted performance abilities, laptops have become the best choice for users of all groups – school, college, profession, etc.

But the most important thing to do before buying a new laptop is to sell your old laptop. After knowing all the benefits of selling a used laptop online, it would be easier for you to sell it for the best price.

Click here to find the complete guide for selling your used laptop online.

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Discover The Different Ways To Sell Used Laptops

Struggling with the productivity of your old laptop? Want to buy a new one? Then what’s stopping you. Okay, maybe your old laptop is the reason. Are you not sure about how to sell your used laptop?

If you are planning to sell a used laptop, you’re at the right place to find out the ways to sell used laptops.

Do you want to know why there is so much emphasis on selling the old laptop? Here is the answer to your confusion.

Why sell used laptops?

There are multiple reasons that support the decision to sell used laptops, and the following few are the best among all.

  • Eco-friendly

Electronic gadgets contain harmful chemicals that, if discharged improperly, can cause great environmental damage. When you sell used laptops to an individual or a trader, it initiates an eco-friendly cycle that promotes the 3 Rs – Repair, Reuse or Recycle.

  • Reduces The Cost Of An Upgrade

It’s always a great option to make some extra bucks out of a device you are no longer using. The decision to sell your old laptop reduces the cost of an upgrade by adding extra money to your pocket.

  • It’s Easy

Online marketplaces have made it convenient for people to sell used laptops at the best price. You don’t need to do any hard work; all you have to do is list your old laptop on the online marketplace and sell it to the highest payer.

Different Ways to Sell Your Used Laptop

Want to sell your old laptop? It is easier than you think, plus there are plenty of ways to convert your old laptop into cash. Some of them are mentioned below –

  • Buyback Websites

There are many online platforms that buy used/old laptops. You can enter the details on their website and wait to get a quote from them. Once you proceed with their offerings, you need to ship the product and wait for the final evaluation of your old laptop before getting the amount credited to you through multiple online payment options.

Note: Not all but some of the buyback websites offer free shipping.

  • Trade it for Amazon Gift Card

Amazon provides an online trade-in service for used laptops and other electronics items in return for a gift card. Check the eligibility of your device and then send it for evaluation. After the process is completed, you can get the value of your old device credited to you as an Amazon Gift Card.

  • Exchange Offers

One more path that you can go with is to sell off your used laptop in the exchange program run by various brands on multiple platforms. However, this option may be restricted to only a few brands at a time.


Laptops have seen an increasing usage over the last several years, and today, almost everyone has a laptop. From students to professionals, the need for laptops is undeniable. The superfast innovative world leaves no chance for users to avoid using laptops by incorporating new features that scale their utility.

You contribute to a sustainable world and a circular economy when you Sell Used Laptop. Click here to read about how to backup your laptop before selling it.

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How to Manually Create a Backup Before Selling Used Laptop

Congratulations on your decision to sell your used laptop before buying a new one. But before you praise yourself for fetching the best value for the old laptop, it is necessary to backup all the important data you have accumulated over the years.

But first of all, let’s highlight the best method to sell used laptops.

Where to sell your used laptop?

The best path to Sell Used Laptops online is arrowed towards online marketplaces. The choice to sell used laptops online is always termed the best because of its multitude of benefits.

Among the many, the following mentioned reasons are enough to sell laptops online –

  • Verified Buyers
  • Convenient Process
  • Best Price
  • It’s Easier

Okay. So the process of selling used laptops online is smooth. But you can’t just give away your old laptop with a treasure of data stored in it. Thus it is important to format your used laptop and erase all your important data, and prior to that, you must create a backup to ensure zero loss of data.

Create a Manual Backup

Manually create a backup of all the data and settings to a removable media or a network location.

You can backup selective files and settings you want to backup to a removable media or network location.

It’s an easy process where you choose the data you want to backup before formatting the device. The steps involved are –

  1. Click Start > Computer > double-click the drive where you currently have Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003 installed.
  2. Open the Users folder > open the user folder containing the files you want the backup of.
  3. Copy the required folders from the user folder > Paste them to a network location or to removable media.

Important things to know –


  • For all users – to backup data, repeat steps 2–3.
  • Determine the size of files in the user folder – select all the folders > right-click those selected folders > click Properties.
  • Saved data can be copied to any laptop. ( make sure to have corresponding applications installed on that computer to open those individual files)
  • Not all applications save their data to the user folder. Check other applications and the location of the file system where applications may save files by default > copy those files to the network location or to the removable media.

What’s Next?

Once you have the data backup with you, you can continue to format your used laptop to remove every bit of data stored in it.

After fully formatting the device, get it into the best condition by cleaning it and removing all the dirt and stickers. Create a listing to Sell Your Used Laptop on the online marketplaces.

Many online platforms also provide the feature to open a bid for your used device. This way, you can sell a used laptop for the highest value.

After you buy your new laptop, restore the backup and find all your important data all in one place.

To learn about the 3 steps to sell a used laptop for the best price, click here.

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How to Backup and Reset an Old Laptop? – 2 Important Things to Do Before Selling it

Laptops have become an integral part of the natives of this modern world. They are unarguably the most used gadgets in the tech-driven world and have seen a great spike in usage across various domains. The primary reason for this is the portability of laptops.

There’s no doubt that laptops have set corporate offices with wheels and enable the professionals to stay connected to the office even from the remotest locations.

But the increased usage has led to the need of having faster processors and longer power backups. It thus creates an urgency for users to buy new laptops.

Identify The Need To Buy A New Laptop

It is essential to figure out whether you really need a new laptop or not. Consider the below-mentioned points before buying a new laptop.

  • The screen is not the same anymore
  • Intensive heating
  • Unfunctional keys
  • Low power backup
  • Broken hardware

In case you face any trouble as mentioned above, it is time for you to purchase a new laptop. Using a poor functioning laptop causes a lot of distress and can reduce your efficiency too.

Cash Your Old Laptop

Before buying a new laptop, you better trade away the old laptop to add a few more bucks in your budget for the new one.

Sell your used laptop online to get the maximum cash for it. It is better to eliminate the option of selling used laptops offline because of the immense benefits of selling used laptops online.

Above everything, it’s easier to sell your used laptop online and secure the maximum cash for it.

There are numerous online marketplaces to sell used laptops online that offer various features to make the whole process convenient. But before proceeding to sell used laptops online, there are a few things you need to do.

Before You Sell Your Used Laptop

Prepare to Sell Your Used Laptop by doing the following –

  • Inspect and Clean
  • Backup
  • Factory Reset
  • Inspect and Clean

Customers never appreciate getting dirty laptops. Inspect your laptop look for any stickers or dirt accumulated on the device. Clean the device and put it on sale with the best appearance.

  • Backup

Create a backup of all the precious data that you can’t afford to lose. Steps to create a backup of the data –

Select Start -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Backup -> Add a drive

  • Factory Reset

Make sure to delete all your personal data before shipping your used laptop to the buyer.

Steps to factory reset your laptop –

Select Start -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery

In the recovery section, click on the get started button under the Reset this PC header. Then follow the given steps –

Remove everything -> Remove files and clean the drive – Reset -> Continue.

“Note: The process might differ for Chromebooks and MacBooks.”

List For Sale And Get Buyers

Once you have created a backup of the data and cleaned all the data from your old laptop, you are ready to list your used laptop for sale on the online marketplaces.

  • Write a detailed description defining all the specs
  • Add clear images of the laptop captured from various angles.
  • Set a suitable price or open bids for it.
  • Sell it to the best buyer.


It is simple to Sell Your Used Laptop online by following a defined path. Online marketplaces offer multiple features that make it easier for you to sell old laptops for the best price.

Click here to find the complete guide to Selling A Used Laptop.

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How and Where to Sell Used Laptop? – Cash for Laptops

The Importance of Laptops

Laptops are gaining more prominence in every industry with advanced technologies that have made portable devices compete with desktops. The prejudice that desktops are better performers in running heavy software has been broken by the advanced technologies coming in the latest laptop models.

With new laptops coming into the market, the need for desktops is wearing out in every industry. From working professionals to students, laptops have become the first choice of every user.

● For Students

Having a laptop has almost become a need for every student. Schools and other educational institutions have taken the digital path to impart knowledge, and laptops open a different world for students to explore beyond books.

If you are in school or college, laptops are necessary to keep the educational resources flexible and make it easier for students to keep pace with their studies.

● For Professionals

Work from home has become the new normal, and companies are hiring remote workers to streamline their business functions with zero obstructions.

A laptop is a perfect work partner as it lets you choose your favorable working spot and keeps you available all the time for important meetings and presentations.

The need for a laptop is clear. But do you think there is a need to buy a new laptop for you?

When to Buy a New Laptop?

It totally depends on the tasks you need to perform and the functionality of your old laptop. If your laptop is failing to offer smooth usability and unable to run the software you need or lacks modern features, it’s time to buy a new one that delivers excellent performance.

And with your decision to buy a new laptop comes the question,” what should I do with the old laptop?”

A 2-word answer for the question – SELL IT.

A nonfunctional or poor-performing laptop isn’t a good fit for the challenging tasks of your business.

But how and where can I sell my laptop? If this is the question hammering your head, read the full blog to find out the best way to Sell Your Used Laptop.

Sell Used Laptop

It doesn’t require you a second thought in deciding to sell your used laptop before buying a new one with the latest features. Saying goodbye to your old device can be hard but not when it can add some instant cash to your budget for buying a new laptop.

Where to Sell Your Used Laptop?

When you decide to sell your used laptop, you have two possible ways to do it – either you sell it online or go to the local market. Which one is better?

Picking the first option to sell used laptops online is a better choice. The perks of selling used laptops online are exciting.

● Instant Cash
● Multiple Marketplaces
● Verified Buyers
● Unlimited Potential Buyers
● It’s easier

How to Sell Used Laptops Online?

Selling an old laptop online is as easy as thinking about selling a laptop. Follow these steps and get the best price for your old laptop.

1st Step:

Format your laptop – Clear all the data and wipe the hard drive to remove any data impressions.

2nd Step:

Clean the device – turn your laptop in its best condition by cleaning it well and removing all the dirt.

3rd Step:

List it online – list your laptop with a detailed description and photos showing its actual condition.

4th Step:

Close the deal – Sell your device to the buyer who offers the best price and ship the product to the buyer.

Many online marketplaces offer free shipping services to sellers. Choose the best online marketplace and sell your used laptop to make the best use of it. Click here to know in detail about the steps you need to follow to sell old laptops online.

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Complete Guide to Sell Used Laptop – Know Where and How to Sell

Sell Used Laptop

Laptops have become an integral part of the work atmosphere, with major business operations being conducted. If your laptop lacks the modern functioning features you need, it hints at the need to invest in a new one. Read the blog to find the complete guide to selling used laptops.

The technological world is testing new grounds, and computing technology has seen some mind-blowing advancements over the course. To keep up with the pace in the fast-growing world, having a powerful laptop in your hand is a must.

And if selling your used laptop is on your mind, you have already made a wise decision. But to make the wise decision profitable too, you must know where and how to sell a used laptop.

Where to Sell Used Laptop?

The question brings you two broad answers, either you can Sell Your Used Laptop online or head to the local market(offline). It isn’t hard to identify that selling a used laptop online is the best way among the two when you know about its benefits.

Benefits of Selling Used Laptop Online –

● Thousands of Customers

Online marketplaces have a large number of potential buyers who are willing to pay for your old laptop,

● Get the best value

You can open a bid for your used laptop online and sell it for the highest price.

● It’s easier

Choosing online marketplaces to sell your used laptop is easier than you think.

● Adds more value to your budget

Selling your used laptop online flows more cash in your pocket. Add it to your budget and upgrade to the newer and latest piece of tech.

Tips to Sell Used Laptop Online –

To sell your used laptop online, you need to follow a few tips to avoid inconvenience.

  1. Store the data and Format it

Make sure to get all your data stored in a safe device and format your laptop completely. You should also wipe your hard disk to remove any data impressions from it.

  1. Clean your Laptop

Dirty never sells for higher. Perform a deep cleaning job on your old laptop. Take off the stickers, remove the remains using special cleaning liquids, and brush away the dirt from the keyboard.

A well-cleaned laptop is likely to attract more potential buyers and raise the chances of getting the best value for it.

  1. Click Good Images

No need to use a professional camera for this purpose. You can click some good pictures with your phone. But make sure that the pictures are able to convey the true condition of your used laptop.

  1. List it with a good description

Mention all the key details of your used laptop in the description. It includes the model, year of make, processor, and other information. It helps the buyers in making a decision.

  1. Set a Price

Do some research about the listed price of other laptops similar to your device. Interpret and analyze customers’ buying intent for your device, and set a price.

Another option is to open a bid for your device and sell it for the highest price(This feature is not available on all online marketplaces).

Enjoy Selling

The online world has offered enough space for buyers and sellers to connect with each other.

Your decision to sell used laptops online requires preparation, as mentioned in this blog. It is necessary for you to follow the crucial tips before selling your used laptop to make a profitable deal.

Click here if you want to know more about the benefits of Selling Used Laptops Online.

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