6 Reasons to Sell Your Used Laptop and Buy a New One

So you have an old laptop kicking around the house, not really helping out with anything and not working well enough to take out on the road or use for important work. There are plenty of ways to use this machine without relegating it to gathering dust in the closet. It’s possible to loan it out to friends or family who might need a laptop to use, or it might even be a good idea to install a new operating system and use the laptop for a single task, like word processing or video editing, depending on how well it happens to function.

But instead of messing with an old notebook that’s likely to crash and freeze a bunch, it might make a lot more sense to upgrade while it’s a good time. When the Apple store is offering sales and there are plenty of deals on computers, it’s definitely a much better idea to invest in a new one, rather than waiting until there’s nothing available. And choosing to sell used laptop before new models are announced means making a lot more profit, too. Here are six reasons to sell your used laptop to afford a new one, rather than simply waiting for a different moment to upgrade.

#1 – Even a defective laptop can make you cash on parts. This means that if you had unfortunate accidents spilling water or dropping a machine, you can still make enough cash off of it to afford something new (and functional). Whether selling online or to local computer stores that need the parts, it’s definitely a much better idea than just letting an old model sit untouched.

#2 – When it comes to value, the chance to cash out is the last chance to recoup your aged investment. Because laptops tend to lose their value so quickly, it makes sense to sell laptop sooner rather than later, because any more time means more opportunities for companies to launch models that make yours look obsolete. Don’t sit on the chance to make profit off of something for too long, or else the cash you get won’t help out with upgrading to a better model.

#3 – You’re not going to do anything else with an old machine, anyway. Most people using computers aren’t in the business of actually getting them set up to work or go even go online, especially if it requires any knowledge of programming or other factors. So be self-aware enough to realize that instead of spending time learning how to fix up a machine, chances are that the choice to simply sell laptop will get a new computer in your house faster.

#4 – The market for used goods has never been better. People are trusting of used electronics now more than ever before, so finding someone who will actually buy it for the price you’re asking is entirely feasible.

#5 – It’s a chance to make some cash. Even if you sell used laptop for half of what it was once worth, it’s still a lot more money than the same machine will draw in a couple of years, when it’s that much older and still used. The right timing means the chance to still make money.

#6 – There’s nothing fun about using old equipment, even if you only using it to check email online. For anyone who is serious about computing, having something more up-to-date is crucial. So making the choice to get on board with new technology as quickly as possible is always the best bet.

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Environmentally-Friendly Reasons to Sell Your Old Laptop

When it comes to upgrading computers, sometimes making the right choice feels like a difficult move to pull off. In a world of disposable parts that aren’t particularly disposable, there’s a bit of guilt associated with simply chucking an old piece of equipment away to make room for something newer and shinier. The truth is that people should feel guilty if they simply throw away pieces of electronics without taking the time to dispose of them properly and sell their used laptop. A number of parts to computers, including monitors, tend to leak chemicals and cause trouble in landfills. So it makes sense to take a bit of time to look into better methods to getting rid of things, rather than simply throwing them away.

There are a couple of different ways that computer users can recycled a used laptop, rather than simply chuck it in the landfill. The first is to actually sell laptop online to someone who will then use the parts to repair other machines. When it comes to a somewhat reliable laptop, it might make more sense to skip this and simply sell your laptop online or to someone you know, who can do a better job of using it and then keep it living and working for even longer. After all, even when a machine is old, it is still often a great choice for someone who simply uses it to go online and watch movies and doesn’t need to be running the latest version of Adobe or other fancy software that requires a speedier processor.

For those who have been dealing with a truly old used laptop for years and simply cannot get any more work out of the machine in question, it’s a better idea to sell to someone who can salvage it for parts. This way, they can then sell refurbished machines to other people, or even fix up a laptop that looked as though it was going to bite the dust otherwise. And deciding to go this route also means that those who make the parts in factories to replace worn-out parts aren’t going to sell as much, meaning that production can be brought down. It’s helpful to make it less profitable to sell used parts, because then there will be more focus on using what’s left, rather than producing more materials.

Aside from the various environmentally-friendly reasons to sell your old laptop, there’s also the benefit of making a little bit of cash for laptops. And at the same time, this can really help someone else out, too. Because a new laptop is often priced far too high, there are plenty of people who cannot afford a new machine, but who can swing the cost of a used model. And to make the choice to sell a used laptop that you can’t use, you’re really brightening someone’s day. Because to someone who hasn’t had access to any sort of laptop, an old machine that can at least help them to go online and connect with the world might be just as perfect as a new one.

The choice to sell an old laptop might be a much better idea for the environment, for those who need machines, and for your own wallet. By avoiding the inevitable dumping of a notebook in a landfill, where its more toxic elements will pollute the earth, you’re doing a major part to help out with the planet and with people who need to stay connected.

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Tricks of the Trade . Avoid these When Selling your Old Laptop .

How can you sell used laptop without burning the rest of your patience? It’s not as easy as you might think. If you want to sell quickly, that’s one thing. If you want to sell at the best price, that’s something else. You need to have a few tricks up your sleeve when you want to do it effectively. Here are some of the finer points to remember when about to sell a used laptop computer.

Avoid the friendly sale: You might see an easy out in a friend or acquaintance who is looking for a used laptop computer, but can you see into the future? Let’s say something malfunctions in your used laptop. Are you going to be ready to make good on it? Should you feel bad about something which couldn’t have been on your radar? It can get a little sticky, so if you are selling to a friend or acquaintance or either you plan to sell laptop online, make sure it is a fair and open minded person or you could end up in a pickle.

Don’t do an auction: No matter how many success stories there are about selling online – let’s say on Ebay, there are nearly as many tales of failure. Case in point: Since when could a buyer do no wrong? From the standpoint of Ebay, a blackmailing, nonpaying, harassing old laptop buyer is still a buyer and can only receive positive feedback. If you’d like to take your chances with one of these individuals and waste 1 to 3 weeks on auctions (provided someone eventually pays), then get to it. However, immediate payment, fixed laptop sales may be the route to go. Problems could come in the payment as well, but that will come later.

Be wary of Paypal: Paypal was the easy way to sell used laptop computers and get cash for laptops, until Paypal (a subsidiary of Ebay) decided to jump on board the company line and cater to the whims of any and all buyers. Guess what? You can’t accept any form of payment anymore other than Paypal on eBay when you sell laptop. The ‘cash in person’ option is still open, but if you were about to do that, you might as well just use a community bulletin board or Craigslist. With the types of fees being charged by Ebay and Paypal, you might start to wonder whether this system is really worth it. How much are people actually benefiting from it these days?

Sell to a professional: Many of the experts examining the scene these days are saying that you ought to jump ship and sell directly to the companies that buy old laptop computers. You probably can’t tell just how gently used an old laptop is by looking at it, so you will run into a lot of problems when you try to sell it. What if a buyer complains? If you start accepting returns, you might never sell your old laptop. The best way to handle it to use the companies that pay cash for used laptop computers. They know exactly what they can get for them and will pay you accordingly.

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Selling Your Laptop Online is Easier Than You Think

For whatever reason, you have an old laptop lying around and you’re not sure what to do with it anymore. You probably couldn’t give it to anyone you know because if it’s not useful to you, it probably won’t be useful to them neither. That also means you wouldn’t be able to sell it to them. Fortunately for you, there is a great option out there that’s easier to access than you think: you can sell laptop online to a buyback company that specializes in dealing with old and used computers.

You can expect it to be an extremely straightforward process to sell your used laptop to the right company that is. First of all they should find a website available that will guide you every step of the way. This is important because a well-designed and helpful website reflects that the company is a reputable operation that you can trust. Furthermore, a streamlined website will make your experience much more enjoyable.

First things first though. You want to know how much they’re going to give you for that old, used computer if you were to sell it to them. Be mindful that you won’t get as much for it if it’s badly broken, but you will still get some cash for your laptop. That’s the great thing about these kind of services: you can sell your laptop to them online – even if it doesn’t work anymore. The reason for this is because they are going to salvage the machine for parts if they can’t use it. They have the technical know-how and the equipment to go in there and take out what still can be used. The main thing is that they’ll be able to use something that you couldn’t make use of any longer.

If you’re satisfied with their offer and you’re ready to sell, then they’ll send out the packaging and postage you’ll need to send the laptop to them. This should be free of charge for you. Follow their directions for wrapping it up and drop it off at your local mailing location. It’s that easy.

It should take a day or two for them to receive your old, used laptop after you sell laptop, but once they do, they will be prompt about sending you your cash. If you use Paypal, you can get and use your money the same day. If you want a check, you will get one in the mail in a couple of days. You don’t have to worry about getting paid because you’ll have chosen a company that has a track record of secure and reliable transactions.

The process is pretty much as straightforward as it can get. You can do most of the work involved – online through their website. You only have to drive to a local mail drop-off point to send it in; usually you don’t have to drive any long distance to drop it off. Once you do that, you’ll get the cash within a few days as soon as they get that old used laptop. The only hard part if you sell your computer is going to be deciding how to spend your new-found cash.

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Clear Some Space and Sell that Old Laptop Lying Around

Most people don’t like to see junk lying around. It’s even worse when that junk cost a lot in the first place. Because computers have been around for so long, most people have a used laptop gathering dust somewhere around their house. How long has it been since you turned that machine on? One or two years? That’s a lifetime by computer standards. It’s probably time to sell that used laptop and upgrade.

Even if you don’t need to upgrade, you could view your old machine as a rebate that hasn’t been cashed yet. That’s because you can sell laptop online in a variety of ways and turn it into cash. Not all the ways you can sell it make sense though. Some are better than others. There’s even one option that represents the smart thing to do. Before getting into that, it benefits you to know why a couple of other methods aren’t your best options. Take using online giants like Ebay and Craigslist as two examples. Ebay is an online auctioning site but sometimes it can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. The main problem is the fact that your used laptop is probably not going to be in high demand if it’s extremely old or broken. How will you be able to sell it if no one can use it? The problem with Craigslist is the fact that you could easily end up running into a criminal. You may offer your laptop, but they may offer nothing in return. What would you do then? You cannot sell your old laptop if the other party ends up taking it. Besides that, you could find an honest customer that’s located in a less than safe neighborhood. They wouldn’t be the criminal. Everyone around them would be though.

For the previous reasons and more, it makes sense to sell used laptop online to a company that specializes in exactly that kind of transaction. You can rest assured that they will not short-change you and they will make the process as easy as possible. They want your used computer because they are going to salvage it for parts, if they can’t use it for anything else that is. They’ve done it hundreds of times before, so they have a lot of experience with that. They’ll make it easy for to ship your used machine to them and to collect your money.

Another reason why you’d want to sell your laptop to them is because it is green thing to do and easily get cash for laptops. They will recycle and reuse your old machine so that its toxic components don’t end up polluting the environment. If you hand your laptop off to someone on Craigslist or Ebay, there is no guarantee they’re going to properly dispose of it when they’re done. Often the main reason to sell to a company on the internet is because they are going to make sure that every part of it is recycled, reused, and disposed of properly. It’s always feels good to do something green, especially when you get paid to do it.

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Properly Dispose of Your Old Laptop and Get Paid Too

Do you have an old laptop lying around but you’re not quite sure what to do with it? You read in your manual somewhere that you can’t just throw it away because it could be harmful to the environment. At the same time you wouldn’t want to sell it online , say on Craigslist or Ebay. Why not sell the used laptop to a company that’s going to salvage it and also give you cash? Sounds too good to be true but companies are out there waiting to give you their money. Are you going to take it?

Perhaps you’re wondering who on Earth would want to give you cash for your old machine. Well, they’re probably not going to use it the way you did before. An obsolete machine is an obsolete machine. The thing is there are components and materials inside of it that could still be useful to them, even though they may not be useful to you. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The main thing for you is that when you sell your used laptop you will be able to put some cash in your wallet.

It doesn’t even matter what condition your computer is in neither. The screen could be broken or cracked, the chassis could be damaged, and the machine may even be unable to boot up. None of that would matter to the company you sell it to. They’d still be eager to get their hands on it anyway.

In your eyes, that old and used laptop should look like a rebate that you haven’t sent the paperwork in for yet because that’s essentially what it is. Don’t wait around for it to become an antique because that’s going to take a while. Don’t try using it as a paperweight because it’s just too big. Don’t try salvaging it because you have better things to do with your time. Instead, just sell it to an online buyback company that will do all the hard work for you, and give you cash to boot.

They’ll make it easy for you to sell it every step of the way as well. You’ll get an online quote and they’ll send you the packaging that you’ll need to send the old laptop to them. They’ll pay for postage and you’ll be able to leave it at a local drop-off point. Within a couple of days, you can have the money sent directly to your Paypal account so you can access it immediately, or you can have a check sent to your house. If you want to sell your old laptop, this really is the way to go.

Cash in hand always feels good, but handing over your used laptop to such an organization has the added benefit of making you feel good for another reason: giving it to them is the green thing to do. It’s always good for the environment when you reuse and recycle. If you sell your machine to a random person, there’s no guarantee they’re going to properly reuse or recycle it. They could end up just throwing it in the trash. You can rest assured that a professional company will do the environmentally friendly thing with your used laptop.

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Learn 5 Tips on Moving a Beat-up Laptop Computer

As your laptop beings to age and cross the lone from a gently used laptop to a downright old computer, you may see your options to sell diminish. What can you do when you feel your computer is too beat and old to actually get you anything on the marketplace? You’ll have to put your skills into effect to get the most for a used laptop. Here are 5 tips on making the whole process easier.

1. Talk to a friend who knows. Having a friend experienced with laptop computers is an invaluable resource. When you want to sell, he or she can tell you exactly what you have on your hands. It’s always easier to move something when you know its strengths and its weaknesses. Typically, you would downplay (not omit) the one and accentuate the other. If you aren’t sure which is which, it might not be a good idea to sell on your own.

2. Sell only to an easygoing person you know. If you decide you want to take the plunge with someone you know and sell him or her a used laptop, at least make sure this person is easygoing. Wouldn’t you be reasonable about it if a friend told you the laptop stopped working? Of course you would, so only deal with people who would tell you in that fashion. No one needs to get all worked up over an old computer.

3. If you are selling via auction, brace yourself. Selling via the online auction is something of a crapshoot these days. It’s very much like selling something to a friend. You get to know each other extremely well if there is something not to the buyer’s liking. What could someone expect from a computer with an operating system so old there is no longer a support team to handle it? You’d actually be surprised how surreal these transactions can get in the modern age of Ebay and the Era of the Handcuffed Seller.

4. Getting paid with Paypal means paying big yourself. Forget about the big price when you sell a laptop online using Ebay. You are then going to be ‘singled’ and ‘five dollared’ to death. In fact, you end up paying well over 12% of what the purchase price for your old computer was. It’s not a used laptop seller’s friend by any stretch of the imagination. More often than not, it is the seller’s worst enemy. You are only one bad email away from a dispute which any buyer can open and freeze all funds involved.

5. Sell to a professional buyer and reduce the stress. Deciding to sell to a pro will work for you on a number of levels. It is very fast, it is very easily managed and it is guaranteed. You get a check in the mail, so you actually get the price the used computer sells for, not a fraction of it. Come to think of it, they handle the shipping for you so it is also very convenient, no matter which old way you slice it.

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5 Reasons You Should Resell and Recycle Laptops

Everyone will find themselves with an old laptop at some point in time. If the computer is any good, you will be able to sell it even in its used state to www.selloldlaptop.com. If you look at the issue closely enough, you’ll see that not only should you sell your old laptop, but in many ways you must sell it. The reasoning is clear enough. Here are the 5 big ideas behind recycling a used laptop when the time to sell comes for you.

1. You’ll need a better model soon. Using an old laptop is great, as you are getting the full value of your purchase. However, after a while, you will realize that your computer has been lapped by the competition. Instead of doing your part for your own personal finances, do your part for your own productivity and trade in your old laptop for a more modern version. You’re going to need a better model soon anyhow.

2. The environment is counting on you. If the world accepted all of the computers out there in the world as of now, it would be filled to bursting with used electronic parts. In other words, it would be an environmental disaster if everyone decided against selling or recycling (the same thing) their computers. Why not do the world a favor and sell your computer to www.selloldlaptop.com? You are on one end of the equation; there are different people to wonder about on the other end.

3. A person may also be counting on you. If you were a person struggling to make it in the world, you wouldn’t mind much whether or not your laptop was used. You would just be happy to have a computer so you could try and make the most of your productivity. You never know what different countries are like and how expensive it is to get a computer in those places. You might be doing someone a big favor.

4. You can use the cash. Let’s not forget that when you sell a laptop to www.selloldlaptop.com you get money for it. If you want to dress it up as something you are doing for the environment, by all means tell everyone that is your motivation when you go to sell it. It doesn’t matter all that much. The important part is you don’t drop it into the trashcan, no matter its condition. Services buy any and all old computers out there. You just have to pull the trigger and do it, so as not to cheat yourself of some money.

5. Your home could use the space. Let’s not forget that your home could also use the space. Your old computers take up a lot of room and your home surely doesn’t have all that much to give. Do yourself and your decorator and cleaner a favor and sell it to www.selloldlaptop.com. You probably don’t even have to leave your home to do it. Some of the services actually send you the materials and let you just drop the used laptop in the mail or have someone pick it up.

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Avoiding the Sticky Part of Selling a Used Laptop

Avoiding the Sticky Part of Selling a Used Laptop

Who wants to buy a used laptop these days, or any old computer of any type? You’d be surprised at just how many people want an old laptop, so you shouldn’t hesitate if you want to sell yours. The question is how to avoid the sticky part when you actually do sell a used laptop. Should you brace yourself for the worst or stay on an even keel? Here are some ideas on avoiding the sticky part of these transactions.

Don’t sell an old laptop to someone you know: You have undoubtedly heard the maxims about doing business with friends. In this case, it is even worse. A used laptop is bound to have problems sooner or later, so when you sell to a friend you have to expect this. No matter how little you had to do with it, it can be guaranteed that you’ll feel guilty on some level when an issue pops up with the computer.

Approach the community websites with care: When you decide you want to sell a laptop at a community website, you are really opening yourself up to exposure. Make sue you have antivirus software installed on your computer and your firewalls are activated. So many scams are coming from the community marketplace websites these days that you have to be extremely careful about your correspondence. Also, it may be the sign that your buyer is not the most fiscally responsible person if he or she is buying in cash.

Remember the new bad side of the auctions: Online auctions were such a huge success for buyers and sellers even a few years ago. You could get a used laptop or sell one in just a few days and pick up the money without too much being zapped out of it. In fact, you could have the buyer send you a check and not have any fees taken out of it. If a buyer was pushing your buttons and/or being dishonest, you had the power of negative feedback at your disposal. No such thing exists any longer. The auctions online are tailor made for buyer blackmail and it happens at an alarmingly regular rate.

Grapple with the double fees if your laptop is bought with Paypal: If you sell on Ebay, you are basically forced to use Paypal. Since you aren’t gong to get a million dollars for a used computer anyway, you might want to rethink the whole double fee thing. Paypal and Ebay (who have the same corporate ownership) will each take a bite out of your sale. Of course, if the money is promised but never delivered by the auction winner, they simply wash their hands of the matter.

Keep in mind the quick exit: No matter how old your computer is, don’t hesitate to sell it. There are services in business for the express purpose of buying old computers and refurbishing them. To avoid the headache which might await you elsewhere, find one of these companies online and make a quick exit.

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Out with the Old, in with the New: Sell Your Used Laptop

When it comes to technology and staying on top of things, nothing is as important to maintain as a laptop computer. The only trouble is that with so many new models getting rolled out every quarter, sometimes those who have sunk a large chunk of money into a brand new machine might find that they are suddenly dealing with a piece of outdated technology. This isn’t necessarily on purpose; the companies manufacturing computers are simply trying to keep up with the competition and continue impressing the marketplace.

Still, it can be somewhat disappointing to realized that your perfectly functional used laptop is suddenly considered old by the standards of those who are on top of technology. Thankfully, there is a simple way to stay just as close to the cutting edge as everyone else: sell your old machine to make room for the latest model.

For those who think that this won’t work to finance a new computer, the fact is that plenty of people will still have a need for an older machine. Especially those who are fortunate enough to have invested in particularly popular models of laptop, finding a quick way to resell something highly coveted is no trouble at all. And sometimes, even a broken used laptop can net a decent chunk of cash, especially if it can still be used for parts.

Once there’s been the decision made to sell an old machine to pay for a new model, there’s the matter of figuring out who will do the buying. A common method is turning towards the world wide web, where a number of different sites make it considerably easy to sell an old laptop. Consider using Craigslist, but be sure to be stringent when dealing with those who are interested buyers, and make it clear that all sales are final. Sometimes, it’s easier to make sales on EBay, where there are stringent rules about completed sales and a simpler code of rating and ethics, to determine whether or not the person you’re dealing with is going to be fair. But as far as quick, in-person sales go, Craigslist is often a better bet for the person who is keen to sell quickly and locally.

For those who need to sell a used laptop more quickly, talking to various local computer stores might be a better bet. This way, it’s possible to actually go in and get feedback from someone professional, and there might even be a better way to get deals on a new laptop, which might mean not having worry as much about the value of an older machine. Because parts are so important for used computer stores, the chance to get an old but otherwise functional machine means the chance to harvest it for pieces that might be essential towards fixing someone else’s prized computer. There are plenty of stores that specialize in computer parts, and those who are getting rid of malfunctioning machines will find they are better stops for the chance to sell for a higher price.

If you’re dreaming of a new machine and can’t wait to buy the latest model, consider the fact that if you sell an old model at www.selloldlaptop.com. , you’ll be that much closer to the latest cutting edge technology. And for those who care a lot about staying on top, this is a very important prospect, indeed.

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