How to Sell Used Laptop for the Cash!!

If you’re thinking about acquiring a new device, selling your old one could help you save money on the new one. Pre-owned electronics may still have a reasonable resale value, depending on the brand, model, and cosmetic condition. If you have taken good care of your laptop and it is in good working condition, why not sell the used laptop for extra cash? We’ll go over some helpful tips for preparing your laptop for sale and more in this post.

When selling a used laptop, there are a few things to keep in mind, which are listed below:

Determine the model and features.

It may seem obvious, but you must know what you are selling, including the brand, model, and laptop specifications. Knowing the basic hardware configuration will assist you in determining whether or not the laptop is still useful. And, once that’s done, look for the best deal on the market.

If you’re planning to sell a laptop or any other device, take a backup of your data first. Not only because you might need it in the future but also to prevent others from gaining access to it after you’ve stopped using the device.

Where to sell your laptop?

To sell, you have two options. The first is selling it yourself or via a third-party service. The main difference between these two options is that you have to put a lot of effort and risk selling yourself. However, selling through a third-party business gives you peace of mind and allows you to get paid much faster. So it’s entirely up to you which path you take.

What can I get out of my old laptop?

Any used laptop’s worth determines by its model, specifications, physical look, and functionality. It’s important to realize that all electronic devices depreciate over time as tech companies release new models regularly.


In addition, selling used laptops online is the easiest way to extend the device’s life span and reduce the carbon footprint. To recover the most value out of your used laptop, keep it in good condition and, of course, find the right person to sell. Therefore, to assist you in finding the right person, Cash for Laptop has created a list of helpful tips.

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5 Great Reasons to Sell Your Used Laptop!!

Unfortunately, many people have things that they do not utilize anymore. Laptops are one of them which are often left neglected. Maybe you have bought the latest laptop that overrides your need to use your old laptop. Whatever the case may be, here are five good reasons to sell your used laptop.

Want to replace it-

Of course, you can utilize the money you get from selling your old laptop to buy the new one. But very few can sell out for the latest model. Selling your old laptop will give you a push to buy a new one and simultaneously help someone buy a laptop that they can afford.

Allow others to get the laptop-

This factor is sometimes neglected in a rush to sell your old laptop for cash. While getting extra money for a used laptop is a nice thing, but many individuals don’t have the option to purchase a brand new laptop. Even purchasing an outdated laptop is a huge milestone for them. As a result, you should consider selling your old laptop.

It isn’t worth repairing-

If your old laptop needs repair and has several issues, it may not be possible to fix it. If repairing your laptop would cost more than the device’s current worth, it is better off selling it in this circumstance. It can either buy from someone who can afford to repair it or used for its components.

Earn some money-

One of the best reasons to sell your used laptop is money. You can find many online and offline sources to sell your laptop. Even your laptop is old and outdated, and you can find buyers who will allow you to sell it for some extra cash. Of course, it is essential to know the current value of your laptop so that you won’t get paid less.

You will create more space in your life-

Literally! As instead of cluttering up your house with unused tech gadgets, your unused laptop can go to a good home and can put some extra cash in your pocket.  

Last though-

Now that you know the top five reasons to sell a used laptop, you can focus on selling it. You can visit our website, to know some of the fantastic tips for selling your used laptop.


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Here Are 5 Things You Should do Before you Sell Your Used Laptop!

So, you’ve chosen to upgrade your laptop by selling your old one and upgrade to the latest machine. But selling your used laptop can be a tad scary, especially if it contains any sensitive information. You may also have spent a significant amount of time and work synchronizing it with your various devices. One of the first concerns you have when considering selling your laptop is if you have adequately cleaned out your system. After all, who wants to give their personal information to a stranger?

You’ll need to make sure your old machine is in good working order if you want to earn the most money for it.

Many web platforms now offer assistance to sell laptops regardless of their condition. However, it would be better to follow a few key steps to ensure no personal information sharing occurs throughout this process.

This post will look at the five most important things to do before you sell a laptop away.

1) Have a backup

If you aren’t already backing up your data and saving it on an external hard drive or in the cloud, you should do so right away. You can make copies of your files and keep them with you even if you don’t relocate your data to another hard disc.

2) De-authorize your software

With the anti-piracy campaign gaining momentum in the software industry, manufacturers are increasingly concerned about ensuring that customers pay for each service they use. That may have made you concerned about the program you purchased for your laptop, as some of these laptops use Digital Right Management Technology, which locks the computer on which it installs. It entails turning off the program and transferring the license to the new laptop. It makes the procedure simpler and more reliable, and you might want to go over all of your software.

3) Laptop Specifications

When you sell a laptop online, you’ll be requested to fill out a form with its specifications. Keep this in mind and make a list of important information about your laptop. You should write down the model number, operating system, RAM capacity, storage space, and laptop screen size of your laptop.

4) Delete Everything from Your Hard Disc

It is the most important step you must take before selling your old laptop. Apart from physically removing the files, ensure that all of your data is wipe, leaving no trace or possibility of data recovery.

5) Set Up The Operating System

After you’ve completed the procedures above, you’ll need to restore your laptop to its original factory settings before selling it. Without an operating system, no computer can function. A backup drive is most likely include when you purchased your laptop with a Windows operating system. Use this disc to re-install the operating system on your laptop.


It is critical to follow the guidelines outlined above before selling a secondhand laptop. If you ignore them, you risk having your personal information and identity stolen by others. As a result, you must clean out your laptop.

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Why is it Worth to Sell Your Used Laptop?

If you have an old laptop that you no longer need, you can take it to the dump, or you may keep it lying around your house, cluttering it up and collecting dust. Or you could do the smart thing sell your used laptop. So, here are the top five reasons that prove why it is worth selling used laptop.

1) Make Some Money

You may make additional cash by selling your used laptop online. This money can use for a new laptop or support yourself. The value of laptops will decrease over time, so do not expect to get the same amount. However, selling the device online, on the other hand, will help you receive a reasonable price.

2) Help the Environment

If you sell a used laptop, you’ll be allowing utilize it by someone else rather than ending up in a landfill. As we are all becoming increasingly aware that our planet’s resources are finite, the motto “Reduce, Reuse, recycle” is one that we all have to learn. Some people purchase old laptops to salvage the parts, which repurpose into new laptops. By selling your old laptop or mobile device, you may contribute to the conservation of resources.

3) Assist Others in Becoming Connected

New computers can be rather costly, especially if they are of the highest quality. While many individuals de
sire the finest of the best when it comes to technology, others only want laptops with all of the essential functionalities to get online. For many folks, purchasing a used laptop is the most cost-effective option to get online and connected. Others may be seeking a durable laptop for their children but do not want to spend a lot of money on a brand new gadget.

4) Repairing Can Cost You More Than It’s Worth

If your laptop broke, you might be able to pay to have it fixed, rather than buying a new one. However, getting some laptops fixed can cost a lot of money. If you think you’ll have to pay more than the laptop’s initial price to fix it, you could be better off selling the laptop to someone who can fix it easily or on to someone using the parts for other projects. In these situations, you should always discuss the laptop’s issues before selling it.

5) You Don’t Think It’s Good Enough

If you work in an industry that relies on cutting-edge computer technology, you’ll need to upgrade your system regularly. You may be unable to install new software due to outdated hardware. If this is the case, sell your used laptop to someone who will use it properly and update your computer.

Final Words

The choice of selling an old laptop might be good for those who need a machine and for your wallet. By selling it to someone, you are not only helping someone but also help in saving the planet.

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6 Reasons to Sell Your Used Laptop and Buy a New One

So you have an old laptop kicking around the house, not really helping out with anything and not working well enough to take out on the road or use for important work. There are plenty of ways to use this machine without relegating it to gathering dust in the closet. It’s possible to loan it out to friends or family who might need a laptop to use, or it might even be a good idea to install a new operating system and use the laptop for a single task, like word processing or video editing, depending on how well it happens to function.

But instead of messing with an old notebook that’s likely to crash and freeze a bunch, it might make a lot more sense to upgrade while it’s a good time. When the Apple store is offering sales and there are plenty of deals on computers, it’s definitely a much better idea to invest in a new one, rather than waiting until there’s nothing available. And choosing to sell used laptop before new models are announced means making a lot more profit, too. Here are six reasons to sell your used laptop to afford a new one, rather than simply waiting for a different moment to upgrade.

#1 – Even a defective laptop can make you cash on parts. This means that if you had unfortunate accidents spilling water or dropping a machine, you can still make enough cash off of it to afford something new (and functional). Whether selling online or to local computer stores that need the parts, it’s definitely a much better idea than just letting an old model sit untouched.

#2 – When it comes to value, the chance to cash out is the last chance to recoup your aged investment. Because laptops tend to lose their value so quickly, it makes sense to sell laptop sooner rather than later, because any more time means more opportunities for companies to launch models that make yours look obsolete. Don’t sit on the chance to make profit off of something for too long, or else the cash you get won’t help out with upgrading to a better model.

#3 – You’re not going to do anything else with an old machine, anyway. Most people using computers aren’t in the business of actually getting them set up to work or go even go online, especially if it requires any knowledge of programming or other factors. So be self-aware enough to realize that instead of spending time learning how to fix up a machine, chances are that the choice to simply sell laptop will get a new computer in your house faster.

#4 – The market for used goods has never been better. People are trusting of used electronics now more than ever before, so finding someone who will actually buy it for the price you’re asking is entirely feasible.

#5 – It’s a chance to make some cash. Even if you sell used laptop for half of what it was once worth, it’s still a lot more money than the same machine will draw in a couple of years, when it’s that much older and still used. The right timing means the chance to still make money.

#6 – There’s nothing fun about using old equipment, even if you only using it to check email online. For anyone who is serious about computing, having something more up-to-date is crucial. So making the choice to get on board with new technology as quickly as possible is always the best bet.

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Environmentally-Friendly Reasons to Sell Your Old Laptop

When it comes to upgrading computers, sometimes making the right choice feels like a difficult move to pull off. In a world of disposable parts that aren’t particularly disposable, there’s a bit of guilt associated with simply chucking an old piece of equipment away to make room for something newer and shinier. The truth is that people should feel guilty if they simply throw away pieces of electronics without taking the time to dispose of them properly and sell their used laptop. A number of parts to computers, including monitors, tend to leak chemicals and cause trouble in landfills. So it makes sense to take a bit of time to look into better methods to getting rid of things, rather than simply throwing them away.

There are a couple of different ways that computer users can recycled a used laptop, rather than simply chuck it in the landfill. The first is to actually sell laptop online to someone who will then use the parts to repair other machines. When it comes to a somewhat reliable laptop, it might make more sense to skip this and simply sell your laptop online or to someone you know, who can do a better job of using it and then keep it living and working for even longer. After all, even when a machine is old, it is still often a great choice for someone who simply uses it to go online and watch movies and doesn’t need to be running the latest version of Adobe or other fancy software that requires a speedier processor.

For those who have been dealing with a truly old used laptop for years and simply cannot get any more work out of the machine in question, it’s a better idea to sell to someone who can salvage it for parts. This way, they can then sell refurbished machines to other people, or even fix up a laptop that looked as though it was going to bite the dust otherwise. And deciding to go this route also means that those who make the parts in factories to replace worn-out parts aren’t going to sell as much, meaning that production can be brought down. It’s helpful to make it less profitable to sell used parts, because then there will be more focus on using what’s left, rather than producing more materials.

Aside from the various environmentally-friendly reasons to sell your old laptop, there’s also the benefit of making a little bit of cash for laptops. And at the same time, this can really help someone else out, too. Because a new laptop is often priced far too high, there are plenty of people who cannot afford a new machine, but who can swing the cost of a used model. And to make the choice to sell a used laptop that you can’t use, you’re really brightening someone’s day. Because to someone who hasn’t had access to any sort of laptop, an old machine that can at least help them to go online and connect with the world might be just as perfect as a new one.

The choice to sell an old laptop might be a much better idea for the environment, for those who need machines, and for your own wallet. By avoiding the inevitable dumping of a notebook in a landfill, where its more toxic elements will pollute the earth, you’re doing a major part to help out with the planet and with people who need to stay connected.

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Tricks of the Trade . Avoid these When Selling your Old Laptop .

How can you sell used laptop without burning the rest of your patience? It’s not as easy as you might think. If you want to sell quickly, that’s one thing. If you want to sell at the best price, that’s something else. You need to have a few tricks up your sleeve when you want to do it effectively. Here are some of the finer points to remember when about to sell a used laptop computer.

Avoid the friendly sale: You might see an easy out in a friend or acquaintance who is looking for a used laptop computer, but can you see into the future? Let’s say something malfunctions in your used laptop. Are you going to be ready to make good on it? Should you feel bad about something which couldn’t have been on your radar? It can get a little sticky, so if you are selling to a friend or acquaintance or either you plan to sell laptop online, make sure it is a fair and open minded person or you could end up in a pickle.

Don’t do an auction: No matter how many success stories there are about selling online – let’s say on Ebay, there are nearly as many tales of failure. Case in point: Since when could a buyer do no wrong? From the standpoint of Ebay, a blackmailing, nonpaying, harassing old laptop buyer is still a buyer and can only receive positive feedback. If you’d like to take your chances with one of these individuals and waste 1 to 3 weeks on auctions (provided someone eventually pays), then get to it. However, immediate payment, fixed laptop sales may be the route to go. Problems could come in the payment as well, but that will come later.

Be wary of Paypal: Paypal was the easy way to sell used laptop computers and get cash for laptops, until Paypal (a subsidiary of Ebay) decided to jump on board the company line and cater to the whims of any and all buyers. Guess what? You can’t accept any form of payment anymore other than Paypal on eBay when you sell laptop. The ‘cash in person’ option is still open, but if you were about to do that, you might as well just use a community bulletin board or Craigslist. With the types of fees being charged by Ebay and Paypal, you might start to wonder whether this system is really worth it. How much are people actually benefiting from it these days?

Sell to a professional: Many of the experts examining the scene these days are saying that you ought to jump ship and sell directly to the companies that buy old laptop computers. You probably can’t tell just how gently used an old laptop is by looking at it, so you will run into a lot of problems when you try to sell it. What if a buyer complains? If you start accepting returns, you might never sell your old laptop. The best way to handle it to use the companies that pay cash for used laptop computers. They know exactly what they can get for them and will pay you accordingly.

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Selling Your Laptop Online is Easier Than You Think

For whatever reason, you have an old laptop lying around and you’re not sure what to do with it anymore. You probably couldn’t give it to anyone you know because if it’s not useful to you, it probably won’t be useful to them neither. That also means you wouldn’t be able to sell it to them. Fortunately for you, there is a great option out there that’s easier to access than you think: you can sell laptop online to a buyback company that specializes in dealing with old and used computers.

You can expect it to be an extremely straightforward process to sell your used laptop to the right company that is. First of all they should find a website available that will guide you every step of the way. This is important because a well-designed and helpful website reflects that the company is a reputable operation that you can trust. Furthermore, a streamlined website will make your experience much more enjoyable.

First things first though. You want to know how much they’re going to give you for that old, used computer if you were to sell it to them. Be mindful that you won’t get as much for it if it’s badly broken, but you will still get some cash for your laptop. That’s the great thing about these kind of services: you can sell your laptop to them online – even if it doesn’t work anymore. The reason for this is because they are going to salvage the machine for parts if they can’t use it. They have the technical know-how and the equipment to go in there and take out what still can be used. The main thing is that they’ll be able to use something that you couldn’t make use of any longer.

If you’re satisfied with their offer and you’re ready to sell, then they’ll send out the packaging and postage you’ll need to send the laptop to them. This should be free of charge for you. Follow their directions for wrapping it up and drop it off at your local mailing location. It’s that easy.

It should take a day or two for them to receive your old, used laptop after you sell laptop, but once they do, they will be prompt about sending you your cash. If you use Paypal, you can get and use your money the same day. If you want a check, you will get one in the mail in a couple of days. You don’t have to worry about getting paid because you’ll have chosen a company that has a track record of secure and reliable transactions.

The process is pretty much as straightforward as it can get. You can do most of the work involved – online through their website. You only have to drive to a local mail drop-off point to send it in; usually you don’t have to drive any long distance to drop it off. Once you do that, you’ll get the cash within a few days as soon as they get that old used laptop. The only hard part if you sell your computer is going to be deciding how to spend your new-found cash.

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Clear Some Space and Sell that Old Laptop Lying Around

Most people don’t like to see junk lying around. It’s even worse when that junk cost a lot in the first place. Because computers have been around for so long, most people have a used laptop gathering dust somewhere around their house. How long has it been since you turned that machine on? One or two years? That’s a lifetime by computer standards. It’s probably time to sell that used laptop and upgrade.

Even if you don’t need to upgrade, you could view your old machine as a rebate that hasn’t been cashed yet. That’s because you can sell laptop online in a variety of ways and turn it into cash. Not all the ways you can sell it make sense though. Some are better than others. There’s even one option that represents the smart thing to do. Before getting into that, it benefits you to know why a couple of other methods aren’t your best options. Take using online giants like Ebay and Craigslist as two examples. Ebay is an online auctioning site but sometimes it can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. The main problem is the fact that your used laptop is probably not going to be in high demand if it’s extremely old or broken. How will you be able to sell it if no one can use it? The problem with Craigslist is the fact that you could easily end up running into a criminal. You may offer your laptop, but they may offer nothing in return. What would you do then? You cannot sell your old laptop if the other party ends up taking it. Besides that, you could find an honest customer that’s located in a less than safe neighborhood. They wouldn’t be the criminal. Everyone around them would be though.

For the previous reasons and more, it makes sense to sell used laptop online to a company that specializes in exactly that kind of transaction. You can rest assured that they will not short-change you and they will make the process as easy as possible. They want your used computer because they are going to salvage it for parts, if they can’t use it for anything else that is. They’ve done it hundreds of times before, so they have a lot of experience with that. They’ll make it easy for to ship your used machine to them and to collect your money.

Another reason why you’d want to sell your laptop to them is because it is green thing to do and easily get cash for laptops. They will recycle and reuse your old machine so that its toxic components don’t end up polluting the environment. If you hand your laptop off to someone on Craigslist or Ebay, there is no guarantee they’re going to properly dispose of it when they’re done. Often the main reason to sell to a company on the internet is because they are going to make sure that every part of it is recycled, reused, and disposed of properly. It’s always feels good to do something green, especially when you get paid to do it.

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Properly Dispose of Your Old Laptop and Get Paid Too

Do you have an old laptop lying around but you’re not quite sure what to do with it? You read in your manual somewhere that you can’t just throw it away because it could be harmful to the environment. At the same time you wouldn’t want to sell it online , say on Craigslist or Ebay. Why not sell the used laptop to a company that’s going to salvage it and also give you cash? Sounds too good to be true but companies are out there waiting to give you their money. Are you going to take it?

Perhaps you’re wondering who on Earth would want to give you cash for your old machine. Well, they’re probably not going to use it the way you did before. An obsolete machine is an obsolete machine. The thing is there are components and materials inside of it that could still be useful to them, even though they may not be useful to you. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The main thing for you is that when you sell your used laptop you will be able to put some cash in your wallet.

It doesn’t even matter what condition your computer is in neither. The screen could be broken or cracked, the chassis could be damaged, and the machine may even be unable to boot up. None of that would matter to the company you sell it to. They’d still be eager to get their hands on it anyway.

In your eyes, that old and used laptop should look like a rebate that you haven’t sent the paperwork in for yet because that’s essentially what it is. Don’t wait around for it to become an antique because that’s going to take a while. Don’t try using it as a paperweight because it’s just too big. Don’t try salvaging it because you have better things to do with your time. Instead, just sell it to an online buyback company that will do all the hard work for you, and give you cash to boot.

They’ll make it easy for you to sell it every step of the way as well. You’ll get an online quote and they’ll send you the packaging that you’ll need to send the old laptop to them. They’ll pay for postage and you’ll be able to leave it at a local drop-off point. Within a couple of days, you can have the money sent directly to your Paypal account so you can access it immediately, or you can have a check sent to your house. If you want to sell your old laptop, this really is the way to go.

Cash in hand always feels good, but handing over your used laptop to such an organization has the added benefit of making you feel good for another reason: giving it to them is the green thing to do. It’s always good for the environment when you reuse and recycle. If you sell your machine to a random person, there’s no guarantee they’re going to properly reuse or recycle it. They could end up just throwing it in the trash. You can rest assured that a professional company will do the environmentally friendly thing with your used laptop.

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