Why to Sell Your Old Laptop And How

Are you going to buy a new laptop? Then you must be willing to sell the used laptop you already own, and if not, maybe you’re not aware that it is so easy to get cash for a laptop.

Learn about the five different ways you can use to Sell Your Used Laptop in the article below!

How to Sell Your Old Laptop Online

If you’re buying a new laptop, you may be wondering what to do with your old one. Why not sell it and make some money? Here are a few tips on how to sell your used laptop:

  1. Gather all the necessary information about your laptop. This includes the make, model, year, and any other relevant details.
  2. You’ll also want to take some pictures of your laptop so potential buyers can see what they’re getting.
  3. Once you have all the information gathered, you’ll need to decide how to list your laptop for sale. There are multiple online marketplaces that allow you to list items for sale, such as eBay or Craigslist.
  4. You’ll want to create a detailed listing that includes all the information about your laptop and the asking price.
  5. Once you settle on a price with a customer, you’ll need to arrange payment and shipping.
  6. For payment, you can accept cash, PayPal, or a wire transfer. For shipping, you’ll need to package up your laptop securely and send it off to the buyer.

The decision to sell used laptops online is undoubtedly the best way to get some extra money. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can easily convert your old laptop into money.

Why You Should Sell It

Top reasons why you should sell your old laptop.

  • First, you can make some money off of it. Even if your laptop is a few years old, it may still have some value.
  • Second, selling your laptop will free up space in your home. If you don’t need it anymore, there’s no reason to keep it around.
  • Third, selling your laptop is better for the environment than throwing it away. When you sell it, someone else can use it and prolong its life. Throwing it away just adds to the growing problem of electronic waste.

So if you’re looking to get rid of your old laptop, consider selling it. You might get surprised to know how much you can get by selling your used laptop online.


If you have an old laptop that you no longer use, you may be wondering how you can get rid of it and make some money in the process. There are a few different options for selling your old laptop.

The best option is to sell it online. There are a number of websites that allow you to list your old laptop for sale. Potential buyers can then browse the listings and contact you if they are interested in buying them. It’s a good option to get the most money for your old laptop.

To find more information about how you should prepare to Sell Your Used Laptop, click here.

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How to Make the Maximum Use of a Broken Laptop?

Did you break your old laptop and now think if it’s worth anything or not? You might not know, but your old broken laptop can still be of some good value. You can sell your old laptop without fixing it and secure a good amount easily.

But there are a few other things too that you can try with your broken laptop if you don’t want to sell it in a hurry. Let’s find out what they are in this blog.

Repairing Costs Are High

Not in the case where your cat bit the screen of your laptop, but if you broke your laptop and it’s beyond repair, or the repair is too costly, there is only one best option you can choose, and that is to sell your old laptop.

How Can I Sell My Broken Laptop?

If you have a broken or a non-functional laptop, it’s obvious that you can’t sell it as a whole but can sell it for parts.

There are various components in a laptop that can be sold as parts. And before you ask where you can sell your broken laptop, an online marketplace is the answer.

Selling used laptops has been made so easy by the online marketplaces as they provide multiple benefits to the users like –

● Easy way to find buyers
● Have verified buyer profiles
● Free shipping(depends on the platform)
● Open your old laptop for bids
● It’s simple.

To sell your broken laptop for parts, you don’t have to do much when you choose an online marketplace for the purpose.

Simply list your old and broken laptop for sale with a note that it’s broken and is on sale for parts only. And you’ll get relevant requests from the buyers who are ready to make a deal.

Once you find the best price, Sell Your Used Laptop from the comfort of your home, as many platforms provide pickup and delivery services too.

What Else Can I Do With My Broken Laptop?

If you’re up for some DIY tasks, you can also use your broken laptop in the following ways:

● Turn It into a PC-In-A-Keyboard

If only the external components of your laptop are broken, and the inside parts(processor, hard drive, etc.) are working fine, you can use them to build a PC-In-A-Keyboard.

● Use the Display as a Monitor

If the laptop is broken and nothing but the screen works fine, you can use it as an additional monitor.

The process involves detaching the LCD Panel and attaching it to a control panel that you build yourself or from the market.

● Convert Laptop’s Hard Drive into an External Hard Drive

There are always chances that even when your laptop is completely broken, the hard disk might still be functional.

You can pull it out from the broken laptop and use it as an external hard drive after putting it in a case.


A broken and non-functional laptop can still possess some worth that you can extract easily by selling it online for parts.

Though there are many other ways to make purposeful use of old and broken laptops, selling them is the best option.

Sell Your Used Laptop as a whole or for parts and convert it into cash. Click here to know about what are the different steps you need to follow before selling your used laptop online.

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What To Do With A Broken Or Nonfunctional Old Laptop?

Is there a broken or slow-functioning laptop at your home? Discover all things you can do with your old laptop before throwing it away in your deep trunk of useless items. But before you proceed, here is a secret – “Sell your Used Laptop.”

Oh no, now you know that the best thing you can do with your old laptop is sell it online for good cash. But do you know what to do with a broken or nonfunctional laptop?

Don’t miss the catch and know how you can sell your old laptop for the best price in this blog.

Turn your Old Laptop into Cash

Laptops have turned the Jarvis of our lives, and they do everything we want from them, though only related to computing technology.

But many times, there are situations where you may find that your electronic device is not working correctly or according to your requirements.

It is because modern software requires advanced specifications to run on laptops, and the one you have might be missing the requisite features.

In such scenarios, a few things are bound to happen. Number one, you’ll experience a drop in your productivity; number two, you’ll think about buying a new one. And in both cases, considering selling your old laptop is the best deal.

How is it the Best Deal?

When you sell your used laptop, you get cash in your pocket that you can use when you buy the new one.

A quick question can be,” Where to sell my used laptop?”

The answer is as simple as the question, sell it online for maximum cash. It is easier to sell used laptops online as multiple marketplaces connect buyers and sellers. Once you list your old laptop for sale on these platforms, you can expect to get offers from potential buyers, decide who is paying the best price, and sell your old laptop for maximum cash.

Why Should I Sell My Used Laptop Online?

It seems like a good question that would require a lot of explanation, but a few substantial benefits of selling used laptops online are enough.

Benefits of selling online –

  • You find potential buyers who are ready to pay for your product.
  • Verified buyer profiles, which means everything is secured.
  • Safe payment receiving options.
  • You get the best price
  • It’s easy to sell online.

“I have a broken laptop. Can I sell it too?”

If you have an unfunctional or broken laptop, it is hard to sell it as a whole.

But you can still sell it for parts.

You can sell the functional parts of your old laptop, and you would be surprised to see how many people are ready to buy used parts of laptops.

A few things from the laptop you can sell as a part are – memory, screen, motherboard power adapter, etc.

List your laptop for sale online for parts only(add a note to your listing that it’s broken) and sell for a reasonable price.

The Final Piece of Information

It is your source for even more information about how to Sell Your Used Laptop. Read more blogs about selling used laptops and get the maximum cash.

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Take Care Of Your Data Before Selling Your Used Laptop

If you’re buying a new laptop, a general rule is to Sell Your Used Laptop. The biggest argument is that it adds more to your budget for buying a new laptop. And it sounds like a pretty strong reason too.

But while you’re planning to sell the old laptop, have you thought about data security?

Keep reading till the end to find out how you can prevent yourself from data theft when selling your old laptop.

Laptops Rule the World of Tech

Growing up in a technology-driven world has given us many perks of utilizing modern gadgets. And laptops are one of the most common and valuable devices used by almost everyone, from students to professionals.

But today, we’re talking about the chances of losing your data to someone else when you sell your old device to someone.

How is it even possible?

When you think that you have deleted all the data from the device and are so happy getting the best price for your old laptop, someone may be using a data recovery tool.

Yes. You heard it, right?

What Are Data Recovery Tools?

Data recovery tools are powerful software that is designed to revolver corrupted, deleted, or inaccessible files from a laptop, computer, or any other storage device.

A data recovery software scans, identifies, extracts, and copies data from deleted or corrupted sectors within the storage device.

There are many instances where a person buys used laptops only with the motive to steal valuable information or data like personal information, financial or professional data, etc.

It becomes important for someone who wants to sell their used laptop to follow precautionary measures to avoid such scary situations of data theft.

What to do to delete files permanently?

The files that you might have deleted once, hoping that they’re not recoverable, can be pulled out from the storage device using data recovery software.

But thankfully, modern advancements in computer technology have made it easier for you to prevent such incidents from happening.

You don’t need any third-party service provider for this task as the latest versions of Windows have an integrated function to turn your data unrecoverable.

Make sure to keep a backup of all of the files you want to keep before moving on to the next steps of cleaning all the data from the windows safely.

Then follow these steps –

  • Make sure you have admin rights
  • Open Windows Settings
  • Click on the option “Update & Security”
  • Navigate to “Recovery”
  • Find the option “Reset this PC” and click on “Get started.”
  • Choose “Remove everything” and never go for any quick process
  • If asked, do not go for “Keep my files.”
  • Review all the changes and confirm with “Reset.”

Time to Sell Your Used Laptop

After creating a backup of the files you need to wipe off your laptop completely, it’s time to list your used laptop online and wait for the highest-paying buyer.

Click here to know about the fastest way to sell your used laptop online.

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Important Things to Check Before Selling Used Laptop Online

As the demand for laptops grew in recent years, users have attained a habit of buying used laptops online rather than investing in a new one.

Now when the users are buying used laptops online, it is not hard math to calculate that if you are looking to sell your used laptop, online is the best place.

Sell Used Laptop Online

You might have a need to buy a new laptop, but there is a large group of users who are on a budget and prefer to buy used laptops only.

But before you proceed with buying a new laptop, you know that selling your used laptop online can add more cash to your budget for the new one.

And as a great percentage of users tend to buy used laptops online, it is definitely the same place where you can sell your used laptop for the maximum price.

More buyers equals higher value; the principle applies perfectly in this case.

Though the online marketplace is the best and the easiest way to sell your used laptop, you need to be a bit careful throughout the process.

Things You Must Focus On Before Selling Used Laptops

  • Security

As a seller, you must be 100% confident about the online platform you will be using to sell your old laptop.

Check the process thoroughly before listing your laptop for sale. Be sure about the pickup and delivery service you’d be using once you enter a deal with a buyer.

Evaluate the buyer profiles on the platform. The ones that provide trusted services have verified profiles of the buyers.

And payment security is the most important thing before you choose to Sell Your Used Laptop on an online platform. Check for the different modes available on the platform to receive the payment and if it’s credible or not.

  • Final Inspection

Before putting your laptop on sale, make sure to run a final inspection to check if the condition is the same as you mentioned in the listing.

It is important because if you sell a laptop with some false information, the buyer is likely to return it, and you’ll end up paying a return shipping fee without getting anything in your pocket.

  • Software Check

Make sure that the OS of your used laptop is a genuine one; otherwise, there are high chances that the buyer is going to return the laptop.

Plus, make sure that you check the licenses of all the software included with the laptop and provide the product keys to the buyer. It is likely to increase your chances of getting a good price for your old laptop.

  • Check if you’re getting the right price

You know the condition and specifications of your laptop very well. Do a bit of research about the selling price of used laptops and find out whether you’re getting the correct price or not.

If the deal is good and the platform too, Sell Your Used Laptop right away.

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4 Must-do Steps to Follow Before Selling Your Used laptop

Putting your used laptop on sale is no cake walk and we won’t paint it like one. It can be scary, especially in the era where our phone and laptops are a window to our lives. It contains all kinds of sensitive information and personal data that makes us vulnerable. You cannot simply Sell Your Used Laptop to anyone. You may have also invested a significant amount of time and work in syncing it with your other devices. One of the first concerns that come to mind when thinking about selling your laptop is if you have adequately cleaned out your system.

If you want to get the most cash for your laptop, make sure it’s in good, operational condition. There are numerous internet portals that can assist you in selling your laptop, regardless of its condition. However, you must take certain crucial precautions to guarantee that your critical and intimate information is not shared throughout this procedure.

Here we have four integral steps to follow before you Sell Laptop Online:

#1 Don’t Compromise on Back Up

Start backing up and storing all of your private information on an external hard drive or in the cloud. Even if you don’t transfer your data to a new hard drive, you should create duplicates of your personal documents and preserve them with you.

You may backup the data and retrieve that from any device thanks to cloud services. You can get advice from a computer specialist or enlist the assistance of a computer-savvy friend to determine which information you should back up before your sell your laptop.

#2 De-Activating Your Software

With anti-piracy initiatives gaining traction in the software industry, software companies are becoming increasingly concerned about ensuring that customers pay for each service they use. That may have made you concerned about the programmes you’ve purchased for your laptop, as some of them use Digital Rights Management technology to lock themselves to the computer they’re installed on.

This entails turning off the programmes in question and transferring the licences to the new laptop. Establish a list of apps that you wish to move to your new machine.

#3 Clean Your Hard Drive

Apart from physically removing all of your information, erasing the hard drive clean guarantees that all of your data (including company-provided and individually licenced software, as well as storage devices) is completely wiped from your laptop, leaving no trace or possibility of recovery.

Disk wiping is required since formatting your machine would overwrite your whole hard disc numerous times, making it very difficult to recover your previous data. You should erase your hard disc once again to double-check that you’ve removed all of your data before your sell your used laptop.

#4 Set it Back to Default Settings

After you’ve completed the above procedures, you’ll need to reset your laptop to its factory settings before you sell your laptop online. Without an operating system, no computer can function (OS). A backup drive was most likely included when you purchased your computer with a Windows operating system.

This DVD can be used to reinstall the operating system on your laptop.

To activate the OS, you’ll need to enter in the alpha numeric product key (found on a sticker on your laptop casing). If you don’t have the disc, you can get a copy from Microsoft and install it using the Digital River website.


A few simple steps can safeguard your selling experience in a much more extensive manner. With many quality checks, guides, and options given by different online markets, selling old laptops online is easier than ever before.

It relieves you of the burden of risking your precious data and ensures that you receive the greatest possible price.

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The Fastest Way to Sell Your Used Laptop is Online

The Local shop isn’t paying enough for your used laptop? Why worry when you can sell your laptop online for the best price.

The Growth of Online Markets

As the world is expanding in the virtual dimensions of the internet, many things have been simplified, and shopping is one of them. E-Commerce has transformed people’s shopping habits, and now a large percentage of buying and selling happens online.

These facts are enough to make you realize that online is the best place to sell your used laptop.

“But is it safe?”

It’s a very genuine thing to think about whether selling your old laptop online is a safe deal or not.

And a YES is not enough for you to accept the fact that choosing to sell online is the best and a safe method to sell your used laptop.

So let’s focus on a few key things that can help you digest it.

Why Sell Used Laptops Online?

  • You get the best value

When you take a trip to the local market to sell used laptops online, you find out that the traders are not the ones who will compromise with their profits.

Online marketplaces give you the freedom to choose the best buyer and sell your laptop for the maximum value.

  • Feature Packed Platforms

There are so many things that you don’t get access to when you sell your laptop offline. You can not let buyers bid for your device, plus you need to suffer through the process of shipping and many other things.

Online marketplaces have leapfrogged in the past few years and provide exciting features to offer the best customer experience.

You get access to features like –

1. Open a bid for your used laptop

2. Set your own price

3. Verified profiles

4. Shipping service

5. And more.

  • It’s easy

You can Sell Your Used Laptop from the comfort of your couch. What else do you need?

E Marketplaces have reduced the amount of work you would do if you decide to sell your device offline.

Simply list your laptop for sale with a description and a few pictures, and start getting offers from genuine buyers.

  • It’s safe

Nowadays, online marketplaces follow strict measures to make sure that you find only valid buyers online.

You can filter verified buyer profiles from the rest and choose to sell to the one that offers the highest price.

Isn’t it amazing?

As you are now aware of how easy and safe it is to sell used laptops online, you must be curious to know how to do it.

How To Sell Used Laptops Online?

  • Clean your Device

Bring your laptop to its best condition by taking off any stickers and cleaning the dirt away.

  • Click its Pictures

Capture some good images of your laptop. Your phone is enough for this task.

  • Write a Description

Write a detailed description of your laptop and mention everything about the device, model number, brand name, specifications, current condition, etc.

Submit the listing with a price and interact with interested buyers online to confirm the deal.

How Easy Was That?

Selling a used laptop online is the best way to secure maximum cash without any hassle. Do you want to know how to prepare your old laptop for selling online? Click here for the details.

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Simple Steps to Sell Your Used Laptop for Instant Cash

Do you want to sell your old laptop? Did you know trading your old laptop is as easy as putting butter on the bread? Learn how to Sell Your Used Laptop online in a few simple steps in this blog.

Technology is Accelerating Faster

The world is achieving new milestones in technology every day and is accelerating at a pace that is introducing the masses to new and advanced features in computing devices. From computers that used to occupy large spaces to portable laptops, we have come too far, but the hunger for achieving better still persists.

Laptops have become the biggest helper for everyone – students or professionals, and are required in almost every field. If your old laptop is not supporting the latest versions of software, does not offer the speed you need, or is broken, all these reasons lead to one piece of advice – “sell your used laptop.”

Sell Your Old Laptop

You might be trying hard to convince your friend to buy your old laptop, but the chances of them buying from you are low. Right?

If you want to sell your used laptop, choose to sell it online by following a few easy steps mentioned below.

  1. Prepare your Used Laptop to sell

Selling your old laptop online requires you to do some preparations to avoid any trouble at a later time.

It includes creating a backup of all your important files. You can use cloud storage services to create a backup or can also use a hard disk.

More things included in the preparation are –

● Collect the basic details of your laptop(model no., brand name, etc.)
● Assess the condition of your old laptop
● Clean it properly
● Erase the data after creating the backup

  1. Choose a Platform to Sell

Choose from the many online platforms where you can sell your old laptop. Explore the features of all such platforms and choose the one that supports your maximum interests.

Compare features like –

● Instant Cash
● Locations Served
● Free Shipping
● And more.

  1. Create a Listing

Write a detailed description of your old laptop that defines the present condition of your laptop and mentions all its specifications.

Add clear photos of your laptop captured from different angles to the listing to find potential buyers.

The next step is the easiest.

  1. Sell it

Sell your used laptop to the highest-paying buyer you find on the online platforms and ship it to their delivery address by following the process defined by the platform.


While selling your used laptop to the local market near you is the fastest way to get cash for laptops, it might not be the most profitable thing for you.

Selling used laptops online is easier than ever before, with multiple features provided by different online marketplaces. It saves you from the hassle of finding the right buyer and gets you the best price.

Want to learn how to create a backup of your laptop data? Click here.

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Prepare to Sell your Used Laptop Online – Complete Guide

Selling Used Laptop

A new upgrade in the recently launched laptop can be enough for some to consider selling your old laptop and buying the new one. But for most of us, replacing the old laptop with a new one requires solid reasons, and why not? These computing machines come with expensive price tags. However, you must know the perfect way to sell your used laptop irrespective of the reasons.

This blog contains the best tips that can help you sell your old laptop for maximum cash. Read the complete blog to learn how.

Prepare your Used Laptop for Sale

Your decision to sell an old laptop requires you to perform various tasks that are collectively combined under the tag of Preparations.

What is included in the Preparation?

  • Collect the basic details of your laptop – find the brand name and model of your old laptop along with the serial number.
  • Then assess the condition of your laptop – check the condition of the hardware and analyze its specifications to get an idea about its resale value.
  • Create a Backup – your old laptop might have huge volumes of data that you don’t ever want to lose. Hence, create a backup of all the files either on an external drive or use cloud-based data storage services like – Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud.
  • Erase the data – Once you have created the backup, format your laptop to erase all the files.

Assess the Condition of your Laptop

No matter if you choose to trade your laptop on buy-back sites or sell it online on any of the e-marketplaces, it will be assessed on various parameters before you get any value for it.

Hence, it is better to describe the true condition of your old laptop to the trader or the customer to avoid any unwanted situations at a later stage.

The assessment focuses on the following areas –

  • If the laptop gets powered on and boots up
  • Missing components
  • chassis dents, chips, scratches,  cracks, or any other cosmetic blemishes.
  • Display – spots, bad pixels, lines, or imperfections
  • Battery Health
  • If it has a charger
  • Unfunctional or missing keyboard keys

Now, when you have done all the preparations to sell your used laptop, it’s time to perform the final step.

List your Laptop Online

An intermediary step to mention here is to choose the online platform where you want to sell the laptop.

After deciding on the platform, create a listing of your old laptop that includes all the details. Write a clear description of the device, defining the condition of your old laptop with all the specifications.

Clean your old laptop thoroughly and capture high-quality images of it to add to the listing. Submit the listing at a proper price and sell your used laptop easily.


Selling a used laptop is a hassle-free process and involves minimum efforts of the seller. Choose to sell online and get cash for your old laptop.

To learn about how to Sell Used Laptop for the maximum cash, click here.

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Learn How to Sell Used Laptops and Get Maximum Cash for it

A poor-performing laptop is nothing but a device of stress and is bound to reduce your productivity to extreme levels. If your old laptop has outdated specs and is unable to perform efficiently according to your requirements, it’s time to bid goodbye to it; that means to Sell Your Used Laptop and buy a new one to keep up the pace of your work.

“I want to sell my laptop, but how?”

If this is what you have in your mind, continue reading the blog and learn how to sell used laptops and get maximum cash for it.

Steps To Sell Your Used Laptop

  • Decide where to sell

The discussion about whether to sell your used laptop, online or offline, is old. It has now become the default choice of people to sell their old laptops online. It is because of the various perks that come with it, like –

  • Verified buyers
  • Get the best price
  • Receive bids for your old laptop
  • Free Shipping
  • And more.

These features are enough to support the decision to sell used laptops online. Now the task is to choose the best platform that suits you best.

Before you choose any platform, you must look into its features. Many platforms sell only a certain type of laptop, like MacBooks, while some provide free shipping service. Here are a few more features to mention –

  • Get bids and sell features,
  • Locations Served by the platform,
  • Time to complete the deal, etc.

Consider all the factors and decide which platform would bring you the best deal.

  • Create a listing

Once you finalize the platform, start creating a listing on it by entering valid details about your old laptop.

A good listing is necessary for attracting potential clients who will pay the best price for your old laptop.

Make a good listing by following the below-mentioned things –

  • Click Photos

Capture photos of your used laptop from every angle after cleaning it well and turning it into the newest possible condition.

  • Enter the Specs

Carefully enter the specifications of your old laptop, model number, RAM, and other technical details.

  • Write a Description

Add a detailed description of your used laptop that defines the current condition of your laptop so that the buyers can get to know everything about your device and send you offers.

  • Set a Price

Do some research about the current selling price of used laptops similar in condition as yours, and set a price within a suitable range.

Publish Your Listing

After preparing the listing, publish it on the online marketplace and wait to get the best offers from the potential buyers.

Lock the best deal that you get and proceed with closing it by doing the required formalities.


Hitting the same unfunctional key on your laptop again and again, isn’t going to make it work. Sell your used laptop and a little extra to your funds for buying the new one.

To discover different ways to sell your used laptop, click here.

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