Avoiding the Sticky Part of Selling a Used Laptop

Avoiding the Sticky Part of Selling a Used Laptop

Who wants to buy a used laptop these days, or any old computer of any type? You’d be surprised at just how many people want an old laptop, so you shouldn’t hesitate if you want to sell yours. The question is how to avoid the sticky part when you actually do sell a used laptop. Should you brace yourself for the worst or stay on an even keel? Here are some ideas on avoiding the sticky part of these transactions.

Don’t sell an old laptop to someone you know: You have undoubtedly heard the maxims about doing business with friends. In this case, it is even worse. A used laptop is bound to have problems sooner or later, so when you sell to a friend you have to expect this. No matter how little you had to do with it, it can be guaranteed that you’ll feel guilty on some level when an issue pops up with the computer.

Approach the community websites with care: When you decide you want to sell a laptop at a community website, you are really opening yourself up to exposure. Make sue you have antivirus software installed on your computer and your firewalls are activated. So many scams are coming from the community marketplace websites these days that you have to be extremely careful about your correspondence. Also, it may be the sign that your buyer is not the most fiscally responsible person if he or she is buying in cash.

Remember the new bad side of the auctions: Online auctions were such a huge success for buyers and sellers even a few years ago. You could get a used laptop or sell one in just a few days and pick up the money without too much being zapped out of it. In fact, you could have the buyer send you a check and not have any fees taken out of it. If a buyer was pushing your buttons and/or being dishonest, you had the power of negative feedback at your disposal. No such thing exists any longer. The auctions online are tailor made for buyer blackmail and it happens at an alarmingly regular rate.

Grapple with the double fees if your laptop is bought with Paypal: If you sell on Ebay, you are basically forced to use Paypal. Since you aren’t gong to get a million dollars for a used computer anyway, you might want to rethink the whole double fee thing. Paypal and Ebay (who have the same corporate ownership) will each take a bite out of your sale. Of course, if the money is promised but never delivered by the auction winner, they simply wash their hands of the matter.

Keep in mind the quick exit: No matter how old your computer is, don’t hesitate to sell it. There are services in business for the express purpose of buying old computers and refurbishing them. To avoid the headache which might await you elsewhere, find one of these companies online and make a quick exit.

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