Learn 5 Tips on Moving a Beat-up Laptop Computer

As your laptop beings to age and cross the lone from a gently used laptop to a downright old computer, you may see your options to sell diminish. What can you do when you feel your computer is too beat and old to actually get you anything on the marketplace? You’ll have to put your skills into effect to get the most for a used laptop. Here are 5 tips on making the whole process easier.

1. Talk to a friend who knows. Having a friend experienced with laptop computers is an invaluable resource. When you want to sell, he or she can tell you exactly what you have on your hands. It’s always easier to move something when you know its strengths and its weaknesses. Typically, you would downplay (not omit) the one and accentuate the other. If you aren’t sure which is which, it might not be a good idea to sell on your own.

2. Sell only to an easygoing person you know. If you decide you want to take the plunge with someone you know and sell him or her a used laptop, at least make sure this person is easygoing. Wouldn’t you be reasonable about it if a friend told you the laptop stopped working? Of course you would, so only deal with people who would tell you in that fashion. No one needs to get all worked up over an old computer.

3. If you are selling via auction, brace yourself. Selling via the online auction is something of a crapshoot these days. It’s very much like selling something to a friend. You get to know each other extremely well if there is something not to the buyer’s liking. What could someone expect from a computer with an operating system so old there is no longer a support team to handle it? You’d actually be surprised how surreal these transactions can get in the modern age of Ebay and the Era of the Handcuffed Seller.

4. Getting paid with Paypal means paying big yourself. Forget about the big price when you sell a laptop online using Ebay. You are then going to be ‘singled’ and ‘five dollared’ to death. In fact, you end up paying well over 12% of what the purchase price for your old computer was. It’s not a used laptop seller’s friend by any stretch of the imagination. More often than not, it is the seller’s worst enemy. You are only one bad email away from a dispute which any buyer can open and freeze all funds involved.

5. Sell to a professional buyer and reduce the stress. Deciding to sell to a pro will work for you on a number of levels. It is very fast, it is very easily managed and it is guaranteed. You get a check in the mail, so you actually get the price the used computer sells for, not a fraction of it. Come to think of it, they handle the shipping for you so it is also very convenient, no matter which old way you slice it.

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