Here Are 5 Things You Should do Before you Sell Your Used Laptop!

So, you’ve chosen to upgrade your laptop by selling your old one and upgrade to the latest machine. But selling your used laptop can be a tad scary, especially if it contains any sensitive information. You may also have spent a significant amount of time and work synchronizing it with your various devices. One of the first concerns you have when considering selling your laptop is if you have adequately cleaned out your system. After all, who wants to give their personal information to a stranger?

You’ll need to make sure your old machine is in good working order if you want to earn the most money for it.

Many web platforms now offer assistance to sell laptops regardless of their condition. However, it would be better to follow a few key steps to ensure no personal information sharing occurs throughout this process.

This post will look at the five most important things to do before you sell a laptop away.

1) Have a backup

If you aren’t already backing up your data and saving it on an external hard drive or in the cloud, you should do so right away. You can make copies of your files and keep them with you even if you don’t relocate your data to another hard disc.

2) De-authorize your software

With the anti-piracy campaign gaining momentum in the software industry, manufacturers are increasingly concerned about ensuring that customers pay for each service they use. That may have made you concerned about the program you purchased for your laptop, as some of these laptops use Digital Right Management Technology, which locks the computer on which it installs. It entails turning off the program and transferring the license to the new laptop. It makes the procedure simpler and more reliable, and you might want to go over all of your software.

3) Laptop Specifications

When you sell a laptop online, you’ll be requested to fill out a form with its specifications. Keep this in mind and make a list of important information about your laptop. You should write down the model number, operating system, RAM capacity, storage space, and laptop screen size of your laptop.

4) Delete Everything from Your Hard Disc

It is the most important step you must take before selling your old laptop. Apart from physically removing the files, ensure that all of your data is wipe, leaving no trace or possibility of data recovery.

5) Set Up The Operating System

After you’ve completed the procedures above, you’ll need to restore your laptop to its original factory settings before selling it. Without an operating system, no computer can function. A backup drive is most likely include when you purchased your laptop with a Windows operating system. Use this disc to re-install the operating system on your laptop.


It is critical to follow the guidelines outlined above before selling a secondhand laptop. If you ignore them, you risk having your personal information and identity stolen by others. As a result, you must clean out your laptop.

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