How to Backup and Reset an Old Laptop? – 2 Important Things to Do Before Selling it

Laptops have become an integral part of the natives of this modern world. They are unarguably the most used gadgets in the tech-driven world and have seen a great spike in usage across various domains. The primary reason for this is the portability of laptops.

There’s no doubt that laptops have set corporate offices with wheels and enable the professionals to stay connected to the office even from the remotest locations.

But the increased usage has led to the need of having faster processors and longer power backups. It thus creates an urgency for users to buy new laptops.

Identify The Need To Buy A New Laptop

It is essential to figure out whether you really need a new laptop or not. Consider the below-mentioned points before buying a new laptop.

  • The screen is not the same anymore
  • Intensive heating
  • Unfunctional keys
  • Low power backup
  • Broken hardware

In case you face any trouble as mentioned above, it is time for you to purchase a new laptop. Using a poor functioning laptop causes a lot of distress and can reduce your efficiency too.

Cash Your Old Laptop

Before buying a new laptop, you better trade away the old laptop to add a few more bucks in your budget for the new one.

Sell your used laptop online to get the maximum cash for it. It is better to eliminate the option of selling used laptops offline because of the immense benefits of selling used laptops online.

Above everything, it’s easier to sell your used laptop online and secure the maximum cash for it.

There are numerous online marketplaces to sell used laptops online that offer various features to make the whole process convenient. But before proceeding to sell used laptops online, there are a few things you need to do.

Before You Sell Your Used Laptop

Prepare to Sell Your Used Laptop by doing the following –

  • Inspect and Clean
  • Backup
  • Factory Reset
  • Inspect and Clean

Customers never appreciate getting dirty laptops. Inspect your laptop look for any stickers or dirt accumulated on the device. Clean the device and put it on sale with the best appearance.

  • Backup

Create a backup of all the precious data that you can’t afford to lose. Steps to create a backup of the data –

Select Start -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Backup -> Add a drive

  • Factory Reset

Make sure to delete all your personal data before shipping your used laptop to the buyer.

Steps to factory reset your laptop –

Select Start -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery

In the recovery section, click on the get started button under the Reset this PC header. Then follow the given steps –

Remove everything -> Remove files and clean the drive – Reset -> Continue.

“Note: The process might differ for Chromebooks and MacBooks.”

List For Sale And Get Buyers

Once you have created a backup of the data and cleaned all the data from your old laptop, you are ready to list your used laptop for sale on the online marketplaces.

  • Write a detailed description defining all the specs
  • Add clear images of the laptop captured from various angles.
  • Set a suitable price or open bids for it.
  • Sell it to the best buyer.


It is simple to Sell Your Used Laptop online by following a defined path. Online marketplaces offer multiple features that make it easier for you to sell old laptops for the best price.

Click here to find the complete guide to Selling A Used Laptop.

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