How to Manually Create a Backup Before Selling Used Laptop

Congratulations on your decision to sell your used laptop before buying a new one. But before you praise yourself for fetching the best value for the old laptop, it is necessary to backup all the important data you have accumulated over the years.

But first of all, let’s highlight the best method to sell used laptops.

Where to sell your used laptop?

The best path to Sell Used Laptops online is arrowed towards online marketplaces. The choice to sell used laptops online is always termed the best because of its multitude of benefits.

Among the many, the following mentioned reasons are enough to sell laptops online –

  • Verified Buyers
  • Convenient Process
  • Best Price
  • It’s Easier

Okay. So the process of selling used laptops online is smooth. But you can’t just give away your old laptop with a treasure of data stored in it. Thus it is important to format your used laptop and erase all your important data, and prior to that, you must create a backup to ensure zero loss of data.

Create a Manual Backup

Manually create a backup of all the data and settings to a removable media or a network location.

You can backup selective files and settings you want to backup to a removable media or network location.

It’s an easy process where you choose the data you want to backup before formatting the device. The steps involved are –

  1. Click Start > Computer > double-click the drive where you currently have Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003 installed.
  2. Open the Users folder > open the user folder containing the files you want the backup of.
  3. Copy the required folders from the user folder > Paste them to a network location or to removable media.

Important things to know –


  • For all users – to backup data, repeat steps 2–3.
  • Determine the size of files in the user folder – select all the folders > right-click those selected folders > click Properties.
  • Saved data can be copied to any laptop. ( make sure to have corresponding applications installed on that computer to open those individual files)
  • Not all applications save their data to the user folder. Check other applications and the location of the file system where applications may save files by default > copy those files to the network location or to the removable media.

What’s Next?

Once you have the data backup with you, you can continue to format your used laptop to remove every bit of data stored in it.

After fully formatting the device, get it into the best condition by cleaning it and removing all the dirt and stickers. Create a listing to Sell Your Used Laptop on the online marketplaces.

Many online platforms also provide the feature to open a bid for your used device. This way, you can sell a used laptop for the highest value.

After you buy your new laptop, restore the backup and find all your important data all in one place.

To learn about the 3 steps to sell a used laptop for the best price, click here.

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