Learn How to Sell Used Laptops and Get Maximum Cash for it

A poor-performing laptop is nothing but a device of stress and is bound to reduce your productivity to extreme levels. If your old laptop has outdated specs and is unable to perform efficiently according to your requirements, it’s time to bid goodbye to it; that means to Sell Your Used Laptop and buy a new one to keep up the pace of your work.

“I want to sell my laptop, but how?”

If this is what you have in your mind, continue reading the blog and learn how to sell used laptops and get maximum cash for it.

Steps To Sell Your Used Laptop

  • Decide where to sell

The discussion about whether to sell your used laptop, online or offline, is old. It has now become the default choice of people to sell their old laptops online. It is because of the various perks that come with it, like –

  • Verified buyers
  • Get the best price
  • Receive bids for your old laptop
  • Free Shipping
  • And more.

These features are enough to support the decision to sell used laptops online. Now the task is to choose the best platform that suits you best.

Before you choose any platform, you must look into its features. Many platforms sell only a certain type of laptop, like MacBooks, while some provide free shipping service. Here are a few more features to mention –

  • Get bids and sell features,
  • Locations Served by the platform,
  • Time to complete the deal, etc.

Consider all the factors and decide which platform would bring you the best deal.

  • Create a listing

Once you finalize the platform, start creating a listing on it by entering valid details about your old laptop.

A good listing is necessary for attracting potential clients who will pay the best price for your old laptop.

Make a good listing by following the below-mentioned things –

  • Click Photos

Capture photos of your used laptop from every angle after cleaning it well and turning it into the newest possible condition.

  • Enter the Specs

Carefully enter the specifications of your old laptop, model number, RAM, and other technical details.

  • Write a Description

Add a detailed description of your used laptop that defines the current condition of your laptop so that the buyers can get to know everything about your device and send you offers.

  • Set a Price

Do some research about the current selling price of used laptops similar in condition as yours, and set a price within a suitable range.

Publish Your Listing

After preparing the listing, publish it on the online marketplace and wait to get the best offers from the potential buyers.

Lock the best deal that you get and proceed with closing it by doing the required formalities.


Hitting the same unfunctional key on your laptop again and again, isn’t going to make it work. Sell your used laptop and a little extra to your funds for buying the new one.

To discover different ways to sell your used laptop, click here.

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