Prepare to Sell your Used Laptop Online – Complete Guide

Selling Used Laptop

A new upgrade in the recently launched laptop can be enough for some to consider selling your old laptop and buying the new one. But for most of us, replacing the old laptop with a new one requires solid reasons, and why not? These computing machines come with expensive price tags. However, you must know the perfect way to sell your used laptop irrespective of the reasons.

This blog contains the best tips that can help you sell your old laptop for maximum cash. Read the complete blog to learn how.

Prepare your Used Laptop for Sale

Your decision to sell an old laptop requires you to perform various tasks that are collectively combined under the tag of Preparations.

What is included in the Preparation?

  • Collect the basic details of your laptop – find the brand name and model of your old laptop along with the serial number.
  • Then assess the condition of your laptop – check the condition of the hardware and analyze its specifications to get an idea about its resale value.
  • Create a Backup – your old laptop might have huge volumes of data that you don’t ever want to lose. Hence, create a backup of all the files either on an external drive or use cloud-based data storage services like – Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud.
  • Erase the data – Once you have created the backup, format your laptop to erase all the files.

Assess the Condition of your Laptop

No matter if you choose to trade your laptop on buy-back sites or sell it online on any of the e-marketplaces, it will be assessed on various parameters before you get any value for it.

Hence, it is better to describe the true condition of your old laptop to the trader or the customer to avoid any unwanted situations at a later stage.

The assessment focuses on the following areas –

  • If the laptop gets powered on and boots up
  • Missing components
  • chassis dents, chips, scratches,  cracks, or any other cosmetic blemishes.
  • Display – spots, bad pixels, lines, or imperfections
  • Battery Health
  • If it has a charger
  • Unfunctional or missing keyboard keys

Now, when you have done all the preparations to sell your used laptop, it’s time to perform the final step.

List your Laptop Online

An intermediary step to mention here is to choose the online platform where you want to sell the laptop.

After deciding on the platform, create a listing of your old laptop that includes all the details. Write a clear description of the device, defining the condition of your old laptop with all the specifications.

Clean your old laptop thoroughly and capture high-quality images of it to add to the listing. Submit the listing at a proper price and sell your used laptop easily.


Selling a used laptop is a hassle-free process and involves minimum efforts of the seller. Choose to sell online and get cash for your old laptop.

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