Take Care Of Your Data Before Selling Your Used Laptop

If you’re buying a new laptop, a general rule is to Sell Your Used Laptop. The biggest argument is that it adds more to your budget for buying a new laptop. And it sounds like a pretty strong reason too.

But while you’re planning to sell the old laptop, have you thought about data security?

Keep reading till the end to find out how you can prevent yourself from data theft when selling your old laptop.

Laptops Rule the World of Tech

Growing up in a technology-driven world has given us many perks of utilizing modern gadgets. And laptops are one of the most common and valuable devices used by almost everyone, from students to professionals.

But today, we’re talking about the chances of losing your data to someone else when you sell your old device to someone.

How is it even possible?

When you think that you have deleted all the data from the device and are so happy getting the best price for your old laptop, someone may be using a data recovery tool.

Yes. You heard it, right?

What Are Data Recovery Tools?

Data recovery tools are powerful software that is designed to revolver corrupted, deleted, or inaccessible files from a laptop, computer, or any other storage device.

A data recovery software scans, identifies, extracts, and copies data from deleted or corrupted sectors within the storage device.

There are many instances where a person buys used laptops only with the motive to steal valuable information or data like personal information, financial or professional data, etc.

It becomes important for someone who wants to sell their used laptop to follow precautionary measures to avoid such scary situations of data theft.

What to do to delete files permanently?

The files that you might have deleted once, hoping that they’re not recoverable, can be pulled out from the storage device using data recovery software.

But thankfully, modern advancements in computer technology have made it easier for you to prevent such incidents from happening.

You don’t need any third-party service provider for this task as the latest versions of Windows have an integrated function to turn your data unrecoverable.

Make sure to keep a backup of all of the files you want to keep before moving on to the next steps of cleaning all the data from the windows safely.

Then follow these steps –

  • Make sure you have admin rights
  • Open Windows Settings
  • Click on the option “Update & Security”
  • Navigate to “Recovery”
  • Find the option “Reset this PC” and click on “Get started.”
  • Choose “Remove everything” and never go for any quick process
  • If asked, do not go for “Keep my files.”
  • Review all the changes and confirm with “Reset.”

Time to Sell Your Used Laptop

After creating a backup of the files you need to wipe off your laptop completely, it’s time to list your used laptop online and wait for the highest-paying buyer.

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