How to Make the Maximum Use of a Broken Laptop?

Did you break your old laptop and now think if it’s worth anything or not? You might not know, but your old broken laptop can still be of some good value. You can sell your old laptop without fixing it and secure a good amount easily.

But there are a few other things too that you can try with your broken laptop if you don’t want to sell it in a hurry. Let’s find out what they are in this blog.

Repairing Costs Are High

Not in the case where your cat bit the screen of your laptop, but if you broke your laptop and it’s beyond repair, or the repair is too costly, there is only one best option you can choose, and that is to sell your old laptop.

How Can I Sell My Broken Laptop?

If you have a broken or a non-functional laptop, it’s obvious that you can’t sell it as a whole but can sell it for parts.

There are various components in a laptop that can be sold as parts. And before you ask where you can sell your broken laptop, an online marketplace is the answer.

Selling used laptops has been made so easy by the online marketplaces as they provide multiple benefits to the users like –

● Easy way to find buyers
● Have verified buyer profiles
● Free shipping(depends on the platform)
● Open your old laptop for bids
● It’s simple.

To sell your broken laptop for parts, you don’t have to do much when you choose an online marketplace for the purpose.

Simply list your old and broken laptop for sale with a note that it’s broken and is on sale for parts only. And you’ll get relevant requests from the buyers who are ready to make a deal.

Once you find the best price, Sell Your Used Laptop from the comfort of your home, as many platforms provide pickup and delivery services too.

What Else Can I Do With My Broken Laptop?

If you’re up for some DIY tasks, you can also use your broken laptop in the following ways:

● Turn It into a PC-In-A-Keyboard

If only the external components of your laptop are broken, and the inside parts(processor, hard drive, etc.) are working fine, you can use them to build a PC-In-A-Keyboard.

● Use the Display as a Monitor

If the laptop is broken and nothing but the screen works fine, you can use it as an additional monitor.

The process involves detaching the LCD Panel and attaching it to a control panel that you build yourself or from the market.

● Convert Laptop’s Hard Drive into an External Hard Drive

There are always chances that even when your laptop is completely broken, the hard disk might still be functional.

You can pull it out from the broken laptop and use it as an external hard drive after putting it in a case.


A broken and non-functional laptop can still possess some worth that you can extract easily by selling it online for parts.

Though there are many other ways to make purposeful use of old and broken laptops, selling them is the best option.

Sell Your Used Laptop as a whole or for parts and convert it into cash. Click here to know about what are the different steps you need to follow before selling your used laptop online.

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